What is a comp card?

A composite – “comp card” (sometimes called a ZED) is a model’s business card

In most cases, your comp card is your one and only opportunity to make a good first impression.

Many agencies will not even meet with you until you have your comp card done – because that is the tool that they use to market you.

With that in mind it is important that the images on your comp card are your absolute best and nothing less. Additionally, the printing and reproduction quality is extremely important. Poor reproduction makes your images look bad and as a result – makes you look bad.

Most printers will provide physical samples of their cards if you ask. Review them to be sure that they have good color and that the printing is properly centered and the cards are not cut crooked (All of these are common issues I have found with cheaper printers). Also be sure that the cards are printed on a solid card stock so that they are not flimsy and do not fold or crease easily.

Click here for a list of comp card printers.

Comp Card Design

Sending your images separately to a printer, in the form of prints, slides or digital images, gives you no control over the final outcome of the layout or quality of the images.

Having your comp card prepared digitally and then burned to a CD (printer ready), insures you the best possible quality.

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