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Makeup Artists in Michigan

The makeup artists in Michigan that are listed below are known to be accepting assignments for makeup and other professional services.

Before hiring a makeup artist I would encourage you to review samples of their work. Be sure to read the article: Things to consider when hiring a makeup artist for some practical guidelines.

If you want consistently good results in your photographs - HIRE A MAKEUP ARTIST!

Models: Don't kid yourself into thinking that you can do a great job on your own hair and makeup. If you are shooting your portfolio - you should be concentrating on the modeling, NOT hair and makeup.

Photographers: If you want to do professional caliber work and be consistent - you will need to find a makeup artist and establish a working relationship. Great images are the result of a collaboration between the photographer, makeup artist and model.


Select your city in the state of Michigan:


Jen Santoro Rotty
Anoka, MI
Contact: Email Jen
Phone: 612.840.8105
Specialties: Makeup, Hair, Airbrush


Rashida Williams
Belleville, MI
Contact: Email Rashida
Phone: 313.330.7828
Specialties: Makeup, Airbrush, Lessons


Jon Lieckfelt
Birmingham, MI
Contact: Email Jon
Phone: 248.792.6563
Specialties: Makeup, Lessons

Megan Murphy
Birmingham, MI
Contact: Email Megan
Phone: 248.506.4958
Specialties: Makeup


Kelley DeCoste
Brighton, MI
Contact: Email Kelley
Phone: 810.333.6000
Specialties: Makeup, Hair


Shalonda A.
Detroit, MI
Contact: Email Shalonda
Phone: 313.477.2553
Specialties: Makeup

Lynn Golovich
Detroit, MI
Contact: Email Lynn
Phone: 734-624-3597
Specialties: Makeup, Hair, Weddings, Lessons

Sigal Levine
Detroit, MI
Contact: Email Sigal
Phone: 248.752.8437
Specialties: Makeup

Kyana Lofton
Detroit, MI
Contact: Email Kyana
Phone: 248.508.0412
Specialties: Makeup, Hair

Kamaria McCullough
Detroit, MI
Contact: Email Kamaria
Phone: 586.943.5305
Specialties: Makeup

Tammy Pore
Detroit, MI
Contact: Email Tammy
Phone: 586.634.8370
Specialties: Makeup, Hair

Grand Rapids

Alison Bower
Grand Rapids, MI
Contact: Email Alison
Phone: 616.799.1121
Specialties: Makeup, Airbrush, Weddings

Shelby Township

Lena Shkreli
Shelby Township, MI
Contact: Email Lena
Phone: 248.881.6088
Specialties: Makeup, Hair, Weddings


Ebony Bridges
Southfield, MI
Contact: Email Ebony
Phone: 517.528.9360
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings, Airbrush

Renata Stojcevski
Southfield, MI
Contact: Email Renata
Phone: 248.996.3753
Specialties: Makeup

Walled Lake

Andrea Duchesneau
Walled Lake, MI
Contact: Email Andrea
Phone: 248.787.6062
Specialties: Makeup provides this directory of makeup artists in Michigan as a free service. Inclusion in this directory does not constitute an endorsement from Joe Edelman. It simply means that I have reviewed their work and find it to be acceptable for modeling portfolios. Please feel free to email details regarding any other makeup artists in Michigan and your experiences with them so that this information can be kept as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

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