The Business of Modeling

Authored by Joe Edelman

How do I find a Modeling Agency? Do I need to sign with more than one agency?

You can find a comprehensive list of modeling agencies in the United States on this web site.

In today’s market if you are not in New York and being considered for an exclusive contract with Victoria’s Secret or Calvin Klein – you SHOULD sign with as many agencies as you can.

Remember, you work where you live. Generally clients will not pay to fly you from location to location because chances are clients can find another model near the shoot location that looks just like you.

There is no one single modeling agency that has every job out there. Certainly for larger jobs – many agencies will often be submitting people – however every modeling agency has their own group of clients who will always call them first for jobs. Don’t miss out on those opportunities.

Important Note

In most states, modeling agencies are required to be licensed and bonded. You should inquire if the agency you are considering has met these legal requirements.

Be careful of modeling scams — always do your research.

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How do you find a good modeling agency?
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Remember... if you are serious about modeling you are considering starting a business. The "business" - is the business of marketing yourself for use in advertising. You are going to invest TIME and MONEY to make this happen. With any business, if you want to be successful be sure to do your research first.

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