The Business of Modeling

Authored by Joe Edelman

The Business of Modeling

Do you want to be a model?

Do you have a passion for success?

Are you afraid of hard work?

If you answered YES to the first two questions and NO to the last… you have come to the right place.

Remember, the business of modeling isn’t just about LOOKS.

There is no shortage of pretty people, and don’t kid yourself, if you don’t take care of yourself and you are out of shape, have bad skin, already have too many activities on your schedule… then you are NOT ready to be a model.


Follow the links below for the most comprehensive and detailed information on the business of modeling anywhere.


Modeling Agencies

Modeling Agency Directory

The most comprehensive and up-to-date listing of modeling agencies on the web.

How do I find a modeling agency?

How to contact modeling agencies

How to make a great first impression with a modeling agency

10 Mistakes NOT to make when you are presenting yourself to a modeling agency

Never pay a modeling agency

I’ve been signed by an agency – Now what?

What is an Open Call?

What is a Cold Reading?

Tips to insure you nail your next Cold Reading

My Booking Agent is an idiot

Are there any good internet based modeling agencies

Photo Shoot Prep

How to prepare for a photo shoot

What to wear: Proper clothing selection for your modeling portfolio shoot

Things to remember on the day of a photo shoot

What to bring to a photo shoot

Mirror-Mirror on the wall

Should I tan for my photo shoot?

What is an Acting Headshot?

10 Tips for a great Acting Headshot

Makeup and Hair

Makeup Artist Directory

The most comprehensive and up-to-date listing of makeup artists on the web.

Do I really need a makeup artist?

Things to consider when hiring a makeup artist

Model Makeup Kit

The Business of Modeling


Do you need help getting your modeling career started?

If you still have questions and need some expert advice you can schedule a one-hour phone or Skype consultation to speak with Joe one-on-one about YOUR modeling career.

Remember... if you are serious about modeling you are considering starting a business. The "business" - is the business of marketing yourself for use in advertising. You are going to invest TIME and MONEY to make this happen. With any business, if you want to be successful be sure to do your research first.

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