Abstract Photography – Creating Art Without Rules

Join me on October 19th, 2023, for a creative hands-on Abstract Photography Workshop at the Villages in Florida!


This will be a 3-hour hands-on photography workshop!

Abstract photography is Art with no boundaries. It is an opportunity to ignore the rules and have complete creative freedom with your images.

We will begin by creating a new understanding of the endless possibilities of abstract photography and how it can help you improve your photography regardless of the genre you shoot.

I will help you break down the gear I use to create my abstract images, and we will lay the foundation for you to develop more creative skills and become a better, more creative photographer.

I will share tips that will help you see and think about your subjects in ways you never have before.

Who should attend this LIVE photography workshop?

This presentation is suited for photographers of all levels. It presents a very different look at composition that is based on nearly five decades of experience with a camera and a solid foundation in cognitive psychology.

Bring your cameras!

YOU will be making pictures! You don’t need special gear; in fact, you can shoot with a smartphone – but you will leave this workshop with unique images that will excite and energize your creative thought process!

3 Hour LIVE Interactive Photography Workshop.

Abstract Photography
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Presented by

Joe Edelman

Joe Edelman
Award-Winning Photographer, Author, and Photo Educator

MY MISSION is to help photographers develop a solid understanding of
the 'Hows and Whys' behind making consistently great photographs

As an award winning photographer with over 5 decades of experience, I have professional experience in nearly every genre of photography, from my start as a newspaper photojournalist to my position today as an internationally recognized photo educator. I love to share my experience to help new photographers fast track the learning curve to success with their cameras.

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Photography Workshop FAQ’s


After you register for an in-person workshop, you will receive a confirmation email that will include information confirming your payment and details about the date, tines, location, what to bring and what to expect.


Do I need special photography gear?
Unless noted otherwise, all of my workshops are hands-on and you WILL be making photographs. The confirmation email for this event will include a section on recommended gear. If you don't own something that is on the list - I strongly discourage you from running out to purchases it just for the workshop. Bring what you have and take advantage of the workshop to determine if you really want to invest in that piece of gear.


How is the workshop structured?
The workshop will begin promptly at the scheduled time - so don't be late. The exact agenda varies by topic, so be sure to review the email that you will receive 48 hours prior to the workshop with the final details and schedule.


Can I record the presentation portion of the workshop?
No. Audio and Video recording of the presentation is prohibited.

Video recording of no longer than 3 minutes is permitted for Social Media posting. There will be no exceptions.


Will there be a Question and Answer period?
Absolutely! Q&A is very important and I encourage you to prepare questions about the subject in advance of the workshop. If they are not answered as part of my curriculum, you should be sure to ask them. No questions are off limits at my workshops.


Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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