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Anne Geddes [1956 – Present] is an Australian-born photographer globally renowned for her distinctive and enchanting images of babies and motherhood. 

Born in Queensland, Australia, Geddes began her photography career in the early 1980s. She quickly gained acclaim for her unique style, which often features newborns in whimsical and fantastical settings. 

Her work is characterized by her meticulous attention to detail, soft lighting, and imaginative themes, which transform her subjects into flowers, fairies, and other delightful figures. 

Geddes’ images have been widely published in calendars, books, and greeting cards, making her one of her genre’s most commercially successful photographers. 

Her heartfelt and iconic photographs celebrate the beauty and innocence of infancy, earning her a dedicated global following and numerous awards.

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Photography Quotes From Anne Geddes

"The hardest thing in photography is to create a simple image."
 -- Anne Geddes
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Geddes’ first published photograph was shot for a local butcher’s advertisement, a far cry from the stylized and gentle images she later became known for. This job kickstarted her career, leading her into portrait photography before finding her niche with newborns and young children.

Videos about Anne Geddes

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Anne Geddes is self-taught in photography, having never undergone formal training. She began her photographic career by experimenting with a camera in her kitchen, using a portacot as her first studio.

Photography Books: Anne Geddes

Down in the Garden Alphabet Book Hardcover by Anne Geddes
ABC - Alphabet Book Hardcover – Import, September 26, 1996
by Anne Geddes (Author)
Cherished Thoughts with Love Hardcover – September 1, 2005
by Anne Geddes (Author)
Miracle: A Celebration of New Life Hardcover – Picture Book, October 1, 2004
by Anne Geddes (Author), Celine Dion (Author)
My First Five Years/Atop of Towels: A Record of Early Childhood Hardcover – January 1, 1996
by Anne Geddes (Author)
123 (The Anne Geddes Collection) Hardcover – January 1, 1995
by Anne Geddes (Author)
Anne Geddes An Autobiography: A Labor of Love Hardcover – October 1, 2007
by Anne Geddes (Author)
Anne Geddes Little Blessings Hardcover – May 6, 2014
by Anne Geddes (Author)
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While Geddes is famously known for her images of babies dressed as fairies and flowers, she has also been a passionate advocate for children’s rights and welfare. She established a charitable foundation which focuses on preventing child abuse and neglect.

Biography of Anne Geddes

Early Life and Introduction to Photography

Anne Geddes was born on September 13, 1956, in Home Hill, a small rural town in Queensland, Australia. 

Growing up in a farming community, Geddes was initially far removed from the world of photography. Her early years were characterized by a love of the outdoors and a creative imagination, traits that would later influence her work. 

Geddes moved to Sydney at the age of 17, where she met and married her husband, Kel Geddes. 

It wasn’t until her late twenties that she discovered her passion for photography, initially experimenting with her husband’s camera.

Early Career and Development

Geddes’ first foray into professional photography began with taking family portraits, but she quickly realized her unique talent for capturing the innocence and beauty of children. 

The turning point in her career came when she began photographing newborns and infants, a relatively unexplored niche at the time. 

Her gentle, artistic approach to baby photography set her apart from traditional portrait photographers.

Distinctive Style and Thematic Focus

Anne Geddes is renowned for her distinctive style that blends elements of fantasy, nature, and whimsy. 

Her photographs often feature infants in elaborate costumes and imaginative settings, such as babies dressed as flowers, fairies, and small animals or nestled in giant pea pods and pumpkins. 

These images are characterized by their meticulous attention to detail, vibrant colors, and a dreamlike quality that captures the viewer’s imagination. 

Geddes’ work is not just about capturing cute images; it is deeply rooted in themes of innocence, purity, and the continuity of life.

Breakthrough and Global Recognition

Geddes’ breakthrough came with the publication of her first book, “Down in the Garden” in 1996, which became an international bestseller. 

The book’s success catapulted her to global fame and established her as a leading figure in the world of baby photography. 

Her subsequent books, including “Miracle,” “Pure,” and “Until Now,” have also achieved critical and commercial success, selling millions of copies worldwide and being translated into numerous languages.

Media and Commercial Success

In addition to her books, Geddes has produced calendars, greeting cards, and other merchandise featuring her distinctive photographs. 

These products have been immensely popular, further expanding her brand and making her images some of the most recognized and beloved around the world. 

Her work has also been featured in major publications and exhibited in galleries globally, solidifying her status as a preeminent contemporary photographer.

Philanthropy and Advocacy

Beyond her commercial success, Geddes is deeply committed to philanthropy and advocacy, particularly in areas related to child health and welfare. 

She has collaborated with organizations such as UNICEF and March of Dimes to raise awareness and funds for maternal and child health initiatives. 

Geddes’ work often incorporates themes of health and wellness, and she uses her platform to advocate for the well-being of children worldwide.

Awards and Recognition

Geddes has received numerous accolades for her contributions to photography and her philanthropic efforts. 

These include various photography awards, as well as recognition from organizations dedicated to child welfare. 

Her unique ability to capture the beauty and innocence of infants has earned her a lasting place in the hearts of millions and a significant impact on the field of portrait photography.

Influence and Legacy

Anne Geddes’ influence extends beyond her photographs. She has revolutionized how baby photography is perceived and practiced, inspiring countless photographers to explore new creative possibilities within this genre. 

Her work has brought joy to many and has raised the standard for artistic and commercial baby photography.

Recent Work and Ongoing Projects

Geddes continues to innovate in her field, exploring new themes and techniques. She remains active in both her photographic practice and her philanthropic endeavors. 

Recently, she has focused on creating images that highlight the bond between parents and their children, as well as addressing global issues through her art.


Anne Geddes’ career is a testament to the power of creativity, empathy, and dedication. 

Her ability to transform simple, everyday subjects into extraordinary works of art has not only defined her career but also brought a new dimension to portrait photography. 

Through her lens, Geddes captures the timeless beauty of infancy, reminding us of the purity and potential of every new life. 

Her legacy is one of joy, inspiration, and a profound commitment to the well-being of children around the world.

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