Crew Application – Models


I am always on the lookout for a new and interesting face whether it be for an upcoming YouTube video, an article for magazine publication, a personal project or a workshop.

My photography is based on creative collaboration.  I can’t do it myself.  It requires beautiful and adventurous models as well as makeup artists and hair stylists.


I am looking for models who are aged 18 – 35, attractive and in good physical shape.  I do not have a height requirement – in fact most of my models are between 5’ and 5’7” but don’t worry – I don’t discriminate against tall girls!  You don’t need to be a size zero, but you must be in good physical shape.  Overweight – is overweight.  If your doctor would say you are a few pounds overweight – then I would agree.


CONFIDENT, ADVENTUROUS and ENERGETIC are three personality traits that will score big points with me.  I can teach you a lot about working in front of the camera and the industry in general, but it is not my job to build your confidence.  “Nervous Nellies” – need not apply.


Hopefully LOTS of it.  This is my work – my job so I try to do most of it during the week from 9-5 just like any other business.  Most of my shoots take 6 – 8 hours so I don’t shoot in the evening, but for the right model – I may be willing to do some work on weekends.


No experience required as long as you meet all of the criteria that I have outlined above.


I am based in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Less than two hours from NYC and one hour from Philadelphia.  I do most of my shoots in one of my TWO studios here in Allentown, but I do occasionally need models across the county.

In 2019 – 2020 I will be teaching and lecturing in Miami, Nashville, Las Vegas, Boston, Fort Worth, Austin, New York, Sarasota, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Berkeley and numerous other locations where I will need models.


Models that are being hired for workshops will be paid at a rate to be determined by the size and cost of attendance at the workshop. This rate will be discussed and agreed upon in advance. Payment to workshop model is made on the day of the event via PayPal, Venmo or Check.

If you are applying to work with me on a YouTube video or to be a Muse, the first time we work together it will be a TFP (trade) arrangement (No exceptions).  I will provide you with high resolution digital files of the images that I retouch from our shoot as well as smaller web sized versions that you can post online.

If all goes well with our first shoot, I will compensate you for future shoots.  Based upon the type of work and time required, payment will range from $50.00 to $150.00 and will be discussed and agreed upon before each shoot.

All models will be required to sign a digital modeling release prior to each shoot.

As all of my previous models will attest, I am also always willing to consult and provide guidance to my models if they are serious about entering the business professionally and submitting to modeling agencies.  I have authored many articles on the subject and have been interviewed for numerous books and magazine and TV articles on this topic as well.

Complete ALL applicable information – the more detail that you provide me – more likely I am to consider you for my project or workshop.

After you complete the form – be sure to text (267.640.7216) or email me some photos of yourself. (

I would encourage you to complete this form on a computer or tablet. It is very long and difficult to keep track of on a phone.


(Only if applicable)

NOTE: I can only accept models age 18 or over.

The more detail the better. I don't want to hear about modeling - I want to know about you.

No need to "kiss my butt" - just tell me honestly why you want to model for me.

You are a trained Dancer, Hair or Makeup Artist, Actress, etc...

Select all that apply (Only pick those that you are serious about doing NOW)


Personal Stats

Forget the occasional change - which size dress do you wear the most?

Small, Medium or Large is fine for this.

Please provide exact URL's not user names. If your photos are on Facebook or any other website that allows "friending" - please send me a friend request.

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