I love to share what I have learned!

My teaching style is energetic, filled with humor and, well, instead of me describing it – check out some of my YouTube Videos and you can see first-hand.

I have had the good fortune to have presented photography workshops and lectures across the United States. I have presented on stage for Olympus at ImagingUSA and WPPI, I have done trade show booth demos for Interfit Photographic and I have presented for professional organizations like PPA, local camera clubs, Meetup Groups, and privately owned photography co-ops.

I have a library of talks that are prepared, tested, and are known to educate and entertain.  I am also always open to creating a new talk or workshop for your group or organization, and I also do Photo Walks to teach shooting portraits or models outside on location.

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Here is a sampling of the photography lectures and demonstrations that I have already created:

(These talks are updated as technology and industry trends advance)

The Art of Seeing – Success in Photography Is in The Details
90 or 120 minute versions available

Most photographers, both amateur and professional, want to take great photographs. Yet most of us feel our best efforts usually fall short of our aspirations. We followed the rules, lit it right, exposed it right, posed it right, composed it right, processed it right…but too often something is missing. Joe Edelman presents an innovative and entertaining look at what often separates great images from the others. Using a combination of science, psychology, art, and humor, Joe explains how personal perspective and attention to details, as opposed to formal RULES, often separate the good from the great. Joe focuses on people photography—his primary specialty—but also looks at other genres, including nature and still life, sports and travel. The presentation includes videos as well as a demonstration that will show how you can dramatically improve your photographs, whatever the subject matter, by improving your ability to “see.”

Understanding Creativity and How to Boost Your Creative Abilities to Become a Better Photographer
60 or 90 minute versions available

If we all have the potential to be creative, why is it so hard?  For starters, many of the ways that we traditionally learn photographic techniques are creativity killers.  Joe Edelman will give you a greater understanding of the science behind creativity.  Where does it come from? Are humans born with it or do they learn it? Is it possible to make yourself more creative?  The answers from research done by cognitive psychologists will surprise you, frustrate you, and excite you.  Armed with a better understanding of how creativity works, Joe will lay the foundation for you to be able to develop more creative skills and become a better, more creative photographer, with loads of tips and a series of photographic exercises and practices that will help you to see and think about your subjects in ways that you never have before.

Photographing Beauty:  The Creative Art of Glamour Photography
90 minute or 3 hours with demo

As long as we have had cameras, women have been a favored subject, and since the 1950s, advertisers have realized the selling power of women in advertising.  Joe Edelman has explored this arena for decades from both a commercial and fine art perspective. Joe is going to present a behind-the-scenes look at how he consistently creates his “WOW” beauty images. With special focus on the psychology behind creating great images of women, Joe will share his secret beauty lighting techniques as well as tips and tricks for flawless and flattering poses and facial expressions. Photographing Beauty:  The Creative Art of Glamour Photography is also available as a 7 hour workshop

Basic Portrait Lighting
60 or 90 minute versions available

If you are good with a camera, at some point you have been asked to shoot a portrait. This demonstration using a model and real-time video projected for the audience to see will cover basic portrait lighting and posing techniques that can be done in a studio or on location with very simple equipment. Basic Portrait Lighting is also available as a 4 hour or 7 hour workshop

The Simple Approach to Portraits that Flatter
90 minutes

This is not your parent’s portrait class!  Using his KISS IT (Keep It Simple Stupid) techniques, Joe Edelman will show us how he creates flattering portraits with simple lighting and posing techniques.  Joe will cover everything from camera and lens selection, depth of field, camera angles, composition, posing, lighting, backgrounds, and more!  His talk will include a demonstration using a model and real-time video projected for the audience so that you can see these simple techniques through the camera lens.

Social Media for Photographers
How to make your images look great online and build a following for fun and or profit.
60, 90 or 120 minute versions available

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, 500px, and Flickr have become the standard for showing and sharing photographs.  Printed photo albums have given way to online albums and video slide shows.  Because of this evolution, photographers now have to worry less about calibrating their files for printing than they do calibrating their files for different monitors and for the compression algorithms that many websites, like Facebook, apply to their images on upload.  If your goal is to build a career with your camera, social media is the new “word of mouth” and presents tremendous marketing opportunities at a fraction of the cost of traditional print advertising. Joe Edelman will walk you through the many options that you have to showcase your photographs online and will provide you with a wealth of post-production tips and resources for making your images look amazing when viewed on everything from smartphones to tablets to computers and large flat screen TVs. Social Media for Photographers is also available as a 3 hour or 7 hour workshop

To Pose or Not to Pose – That is the Question
60 minutes

Pose or no pose, your image needs to have life to it.  That life comes from the model’s eyes and facial expressions as well as her body language.  A stiff and tense posture will ruin even the best facial expressions and vice-versa.  Joe Edelman intends to prove to you that there are NO rules to posing (Remember RULE is a 4-letter word – use it carefully).  No two people are physically identical (Science has proven that even identical twins aren’t completely identical), so you can’t establish rules when you don’t have equal subjects. Physics and an understanding of human anatomy teaches us that some things will definitely work better than others but this is ultimately a visual process that will be influenced greatly by your own creativity and your subject’s unique appearance and individual taste.  This presentation will give you a foundation for how to generate relaxed and natural postures that are flattering for everything from close-up portraits to full-length formals.  Joe will use a combination of projected images and a live subject to show you how easy it really is to learn how to pose a person for a photograph.

Shooting The Fine Art Nude
60 minutes

The nude female form has been an endless source of fascination for photographers and artists. This talk is designed to give you a basic overview of how to make superior artistic images of the nude female form. Joe Edelman covers everything from how to find models through planning, posing, lighting, and even some post production techniques. This lecture includes a combination of PowerPoint illustrations, images from his portfolio, and behind-the-scenes video showing how he works his shoots. Shooting The Fine Art Nude is also available as a 7 hour workshop

The Eyes Have It!
60 minutes

If you are photographing people – it’s all about the eyes. This talk will focus on the added impact that you can add to your people pictures if you pay careful attention to your subject’s eyes. Joe Edelman will show you techniques that will ensure your subjects’ eyes not only command attention, but add impact to almost any photograph including a person, regardless of whether it is a close-up or full-length photograph.

60 minutes

It has been said for years, that the best camera is the one that you have with you. Smartphones and the cameras they include are a force to be reckoned with and produce incredible images if used the right way. Joe Edelman will show you the best techniques and apps for shooting and processing images with your smartphone. He will also discuss and demonstrate accessory lenses, and a multitude of other accessories that will allow you to use your smartphone like a DSLR camera and even shoot 27mb raw tiff files with a phone!

Images Reimagined
90 minute or 2 hour versions available

When someone views your photos, they will NEVER have the same experience that you did when you created it. For a photographer who is learning and improving his/her craft, seeing your images re-processed, cropped, and finished by another photographer can give you excellent insight into how others perceive your work, and give you a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as well as what techniques and aspects of your photography that you should be paying more attention to.  Working in Lightroom and Photoshop, and using images volunteered by your members, Joe Edelman will walk through the images, demonstrate how he would post process them and crop them all while explaining WHY.
** This talk requires at least 5 club members to submit finished images along with the camera raw originals.

The Psychology and Process Behind a Great Beauty and Glamour Shot
60 minutes

A behind-the-scenes look at how Joe Edelman consistently creates “WOW” Glamour and Beauty images. One of the true masters of this genre, Joe will take you through his process from concept to planning, to the finished image.  No secrets or questions are off limits.  Photo techniques are less than half the battle if you want to create great images with a model.  Certainly good lighting and proper exposure are important, and Joe will address that, but more importantly, you must understand the role of psychology in creating a great photograph with good body language and engaging expressions.  How do you create a comfortable, creative working environment for the model? How do you communicate to create a dynamic collaboration with your model? What do you look for in body language and micro expressions?  How do you generate flattering poses?  Joe will cover every step of his workflow.

Depth of Field – Is NOT Just Blurry Backgrounds
60 Minutes

Depth of field is probably one of the most misunderstood and under-utilized tools that EVERY photographer has available to help with the creative process.  Often this is because depth of field is a product of optical physics.  Those two words – optical and physics – frequently send people running in the other direction.  Joe Edelman will break it down in his KISS IT (Keep It Super Simple) manner and make sure that you are clear on not only how Depth of Field works, but also how you can use it to solve everyday photographic problems and also to up your creative game the next time you shoot.

Light Modifiers – Your Best Friend for Lighting Excellence
60 Minutes

Umbrellas, Softboxes, Beauty Dishes, Snoots, Grids, Socks… and the list goes on.  So many choices, how do you possibly know which is the best one for the shot you want to take?  Joe Edelman will walk you through the many options and simplify your decision-making process for which ones to own and which ones to use to achieve the type of lighting you desire.