2 Day Portrait and Studio Lighting Intensive

Joe Edelman - I TEACH People!September 21st and 22nd, 2019 9:30am – 5:30pm both days

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Limit: 7 students

A great portrait – regardless of its purpose involves creating a moment that shows your subjects personality in a way that will capture interest. The photographers challenge is to engage your subject and make them feel comfortable, all while creating the right mood with your lighting and flattering the subject with your lighting, lens and camera angle choices.

This 2 day (weekend) Portrait and Studio Lighting photography workshop is limited to 7 attendees and provides you with at least 14 hours of experience in the studio learning from and shooting with Olympus Visionary photographer and photo educator Joe Edelman.

The goal is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to create consistently great portraits with flattering light.

During Day one of this workshop Joe will share his entire process, beginning with planning and communication with the subject in advance of the shoot. Joe will also cover working with makeup artists and how he directs his subjects without ever using a pose.

Lighting will be a major topic on both days as Joe takes you through the differences from one modifier to the next and shows you how to create great light with the simplest of tools.

You will have an opportunity to photograph the models and the lighting set-ups on both days and downloads of the lighting arrangements as set.a.light 3D files will be made available to attendees.

This workshop is ideal for photographers who want to take their lighting and portrait skills to the next level in order to deliver consistently great shots.

This is NOT a portfolio building class. This is a learning intensive. While you will be shooting both days – you will be shooting the same models in the same outfits as the other attendees.

Event Details

(All times are flexible and subject to change)

Day 1: Lectures – Demo – Hands-on Shoot
7 hours plus a lunch break. *Lunch is included

  • Shooting a portrait? The most important question is WHY?
  • PREP – Great Photography Requires Excellent Preparation
  • Finding and working with a makeup artist
  • NO POSE ZONE – Let’s learn about body language
  • Lighting – KISS IT! The inside scoop on the Inverse Square Law, Modifiers and Colored Gels
  • Demo Shoot and Hands-on Shoot

Day 2: Hands-on Portfolio Building
7 hours plus a lunch break. *Lunch is included

  • Using the techniques that you learned in Day 1, you will spend the day photographing two different models with different lighting and background arrangements
  • Post-processing review
  • Wrap-Up

Day 2 is mostly shooting and you will spend much of the day on your feet.. Be sure to dress comfortably and choose comfortable footwear.

Why should you attend:

  • The opportunity to spend two days working with Joe Edelman
  • To fine tune your studio lighting skills
  • Learn how to create consistently great portraits in a studio or on location
  • Work with professional models with a makeup artist and hair stylist
  • To build confidence in your ability to consistently create quality creative images.

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  • A DSLR or Mirrorless Camera with interchangeable lenses and full manual control of ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. Your camera MUST have a working hot shoe to fire an electronic flash.
  • You must know how to operate your camera with manual settings. There will be NO AUTO anything in this workshop. If you have a question about how to change a setting on your camera and it is something that is covered in the manual – don’t expect Joe to take time from teaching to answer that question.
  • You must know how to shoot B&W images in camera.

Lunch is included both days

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Joe Edelman - I TEACH People!

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