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Foot Modeling: 5 Tips for Becoming a Foot Model

So you want a career as a foot model?

If you live in a big city and have great feet, then there is a chance that you could become a foot model.

I am, however, sorry to report that the majority of foot models are actually girls who are making extra cash posing for pictures and videos on foot fetish adult websites.

Foot model

Yes, there are some women who specialize in feet (A subset of Parts Modeling) for mainstream advertising, but there are a few very important criteria that you have to be realistic about before you consider this. . .

Follow these five tips to become a professional Foot Model

Tip #1

It helps if you have slender feet and long thin toes.

Most foot models have high arched feet. When photographed, this gives their feet a naturally graceful curve.

It is important to have excellent skin, no varicose veins and you can’t have bruises and scars. Your toenails must be well groomed at all times including the nail beds.

You also need great legs. Your legs need to be long and slender. Legs should also be toned and not flabby. If you have ugly knees or ankles — that will further limit your chances of becoming a foot model.

The top foot models will routinely wear shoes a size too big to protect their feet.

Tip #2

Your feet need to be good actors. You may be called upon to use your feet to convey a message to help sell the product or service. They may need to act like they are being tickled or to show excitement or that all important moment in bed.

Tip #3

It helps to be located in a market (city) where there are companies that shoot footwear, stockings, socks or beauty and skin care products for feet. Modeling agencies and advertising clients are not likely to hand you plane tickets to model in such a niche category.

The majority of major footwear brands shoot in either New York or Los Angeles. In these markets, a top-notch foot model can earn anywhere form $500.00 to a couple of thousand dollars a day.

If you don’t live in a big advertising market, and if you don’t have incredible feet, do not plan a full-time modeling career for such a small category of modeling.

One of the top parts modeling agencies in the U.S. is Parts Models in New York City. You can read their list of requirements here.

Foot model

Tip #4

Modeling agencies hate exceptions. I am frequently asked by people if they can model hands, feet or just their face. Then when I talk to them and learn a bit more about their situation, I find out that they are overweight and hoping that they could still be a model with just a part of their body. That’s not going to work. Even foot models are in good shape and look like healthy human specimens — period.

Modeling agencies don’t want to deal with exceptions — it’s more work for them. So understand that unless you have the most amazing feet, and unless they have a client that routinely requests foot models, you will probably have a hard time getting a modeling agency to sign you as just a foot model.

Tip #5

If you live in a market where there is a demand for foot models, you will need some great images of your feet and legs.

NOT snapshots. Your portfolio should include commercial images that look like the images that you would see in ads.

Make sure that the images are real and not over-retouched.

foot modeling

If you would like to see some actual modeling portfolio images from some top European parts models, visit the website of BMA Models.

If you are looking for a modeling agency near you — check out the Modeling Agency Directory.

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