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Gregory Heisler [1954 – Present] is an esteemed American photographer best known for his evocative portrait work, capturing the essence of some of the most influential figures of our time.

With a career spanning several decades, Heisler has contributed over 70 cover portraits for TIME magazine, among other prestigious publications.

His unique approach combines technical precision with a deeply intuitive understanding of his subjects, resulting in visually striking and emotionally resonant portraits.

Heisler’s work extends beyond celebrities and public figures to include a wide range of subjects. Each portrait tells its own story through its nuanced composition and lighting.

As an educator and photographer, Heisler has shared his knowledge and passion for photography through teaching and workshops, influencing the next generation of photographers.

His book, “Gregory Heisler: 50 Portraits,” showcases his mastery of the art and craft of portraiture.

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Photography Quotes From Gregory Heisler

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Gregory Heisler once had a cover photo for Time magazine featuring a portrait of President George H.W. Bush. The image, which used a technique called “multilayered imaging,” was so controversial that it led to Heisler being temporarily blacklisted by the White House.

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He has taken more than 70 cover portraits for Time magazine, showcasing his ability to capture the essence of some of the most influential figures in the world through his lens.

Photography Books: Gregory Heisler

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Gregory Heisler is known for his meticulous approach to lighting, often using unconventional techniques and tools to create the perfect mood for his portraits, demonstrating that his work blurs the line between photography and fine art.

Biography of Gregory Heisler

Early Life and Introduction to Photography

Born in 1954, Gregory Heisler’s early life laid the groundwork for what would become a celebrated career in photography.

He discovered his passion for photography as a young man, drawn to the medium’s capacity for storytelling and its blend of technical skill and artistic expression.

Educational Background

Heisler’s formal education in photography began at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), where he was exposed to both the technical aspects of the medium and the creative process behind image-making. 

He further honed his skills and understanding of photography at the prestigious School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City, where he studied under influential photographers who would shape his approach to portrait photography.

Early Career and Mentorship

Gregory Heisler’s early career was marked by significant mentorships and collaborations with renowned photographers, including Arnold Newman, a pioneer of environmental portraiture. 

These experiences provided Heisler with invaluable insights into the intricacies of capturing the essence of his subjects through portraiture.

Photographic Style and Approach

Heisler is celebrated for his nuanced and meticulously crafted portraits, which often incorporate innovative lighting techniques and a deep understanding of his subjects. 

His approach to photography is characterized by a collaborative relationship with the people he photographs, allowing him to create images that reveal the complexity and depth of the human spirit.

Notable Projects and Portraits

Over the years, Gregory Heisler has photographed an impressive roster of subjects, including world leaders, athletes, celebrities, and everyday individuals. 

His work has graced the covers and pages of leading magazines, such as Time, where his portraits have captured pivotal moments in history and culture. 

Heisler’s portrait of President George H.W. Bush, which appeared on the cover of Time magazine as the 1998 “Person of the Year,” is among his most recognized images.

Teaching and Mentorship

In addition to his work as a photographer, Heisler is a dedicated educator. 

He has taught at institutions such as the Maine Media Workshops, the School of Visual Arts, and the International Center of Photography. 

Heisler’s commitment to teaching stems from his belief in photography as a continually evolving art form, one that requires both technical mastery and an open, creative mind.

Awards and Recognition

Gregory Heisler’s contributions to photography have been recognized with numerous awards and honors. 

He is a distinguished member of Canon’s Explorers of Light, a program that highlights influential photographers in their fields. 

Moreover, his work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions, showcasing his ability to transcend the traditional boundaries of portrait photography.

Publications and Works

Heisler’s philosophy and technique have been encapsulated in his book, Gregory Heisler: 50 Portraits: Stories and Techniques from a Photographer’s Photographer

The book provides insight into his creative process, offering readers a look behind the scenes at the making of some of his most famous portraits.

Legacy and Impact

Gregory Heisler’s legacy in the world of photography is defined by his relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in portraiture. 

His work demonstrates a profound respect for the art of photography and its power to convey the intricacies of human character and emotion. 

Heisler has influenced a generation of photographers through both his images and his dedication to education, leaving an indelible mark on the field.


Gregory Heisler’s career is a testament to the enduring power of portrait photography to connect, reveal, and celebrate humanity in all its forms. 

Through his technical prowess, creative vision, and compassionate approach to his subjects, Heisler continues to inspire both photographers and photography enthusiasts around the globe. 

His work stands as a beacon of excellence in the art of photography, highlighting the profound capability of the medium to capture the essence of our shared human experience.

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