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How To Find a Good Modeling Agency Without Being Scammed

Do your research to avoid modeling scams!

Try a modeling agency directory!

You can find the most detailed and up-to-date listing of modeling agencies in the United States right here on this website.

Remember, that you will generally “work where you live”.

A Modeling agency will be reluctant to sign a model that lives more than a two-hour drive from their location or their clients. This isn’t a rule – it’s just the reality that if a model has to travel more than two hours to get to a client or shoot, there are a lot of things than can go wrong like cars breaking down, heavy traffic or public transportation running late. It is a pretty safe bet that the agency can find someone who looks similar to you and who also lives closer.

Do understand that there is no one single modeling agency that has access to every job out there. Different agencies have different clients. While it is possible that a larger client may request that several agencies submit models for the same job, this does not happen all the time, so you want to be signed with as many agencies as possible so that you have access to as much work as possible.

Find a modeling agency

Look them up!

Just because they have a physical address and a sign on the door that says “modeling agency” – that doesn’t mean they are legitimate and that you should sign with them.

In most states, a modeling agency is required to be licensed and bonded. Before you sign with an agency, make sure that they have met these requirements.

How do you find all of this out? Well, there is this thing called Google. You should check it out – it’s pretty cool. But don’t be lazy, and type in the name of the modeling agency and stop looking after the first page comes up with all positive listings. It is VERY easy for a company to push negative Google listings down to the third or fourth or even higher numbered pages.

Check out websites like: that are routinely updated with information about modeling agencies that are thought to be using deceptive business practices.

Bottom line… always be on the lookout for modeling scams and always do your research.

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