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Jim Goldberg [1953 – Present] is an American photographer and educator known for his innovative use of image and text in documentary photography. 

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Goldberg’s work is acclaimed for its exploration of complex social issues, including economic disparity, marginalization, and migration. 

He is particularly renowned for his multimedia projects like “Rich and Poor” (1977-1985), where subjects wrote on their portraits, providing personal insights that complemented their images. 

Another significant project, “Raised by Wolves,” offers a poignant look at the lives of runaway teenagers in San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

A member of Magnum Photos since 2002, Goldberg has been influential in blending art and documentary practice, pushing the boundaries of narrative storytelling in photography. 

His work is held in prestigious institutions worldwide and has earned him numerous awards.

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"The photograph is kind of a proof - a proof that I actually met these people, that they actually have lives, and that they're worth considering." == Jim Goldberg
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Jim Goldberg is renowned for his innovative use of image and text in his photographic works, often incorporating handwritten notes from his subjects onto the photographs themselves. This technique has allowed him to provide a unique narrative depth and personal perspective to his social documentary projects.

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In addition to his photography, Goldberg has been a dedicated educator, teaching at the California College of the Arts for over a decade. His commitment to mentoring emerging photographers has had a significant impact on the next generation of artists.

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He was awarded the prestigious Henri Cartier-Bresson Award in 2007, which supported his project “Open See,” a documentary project that tells the stories of immigrants, refugees, and trafficked individuals who travel from war-torn or economically devastated countries to Europe.

Biography of Jim Goldberg

Early Life and Academic Background

Jim Goldberg was born in 1953 in New Haven, Connecticut. 

From an early age, he exhibited a deep interest in social issues, a theme that would prominently feature throughout his career. 

Goldberg pursued higher education at the University of Hartford, where he first delved into art and photography. 

He furthered his studies at the San Francisco Art Institute, earning a Master of Fine Arts in 1977. 

It was during his time in San Francisco that he began to explore innovative methods of combining text and image in his photographic work.

Photographic Career and Early Work

Goldberg’s career is marked by his commitment to long-term projects that blend documentary photography with narrative storytelling. 

After completing his education, he focused on developing his distinctive style, which involved integrating photographs with text, collage elements, and video. 

This approach allowed him to explore the lives and experiences of his subjects in depth, particularly those on the margins of society.

Innovative Approach and Major Projects

One of Goldberg’s most significant early works is “Rich and Poor” (1977-1985), a series in which he photographed residents of welfare hotels and affluent individuals in their homes, juxtaposing their portraits with handwritten comments from the subjects about their lives. 

This groundbreaking project highlighted the stark contrasts and shared humanity across social and economic divides, earning critical acclaim for its empathetic approach and innovative use of mixed media.

Following “Rich and Poor,” Goldberg continued to tackle complex social topics. His project “Raised by Wolves” (1985-1995) provided a visceral look at the lives of runaway teenagers in San Francisco and Los Angeles, combining photography, text, and other ephemera to create multidimensional portraits of his subjects. 

This work further solidified his reputation as an artist who deeply engages with his subjects over extended periods, providing a nuanced view of their circumstances and challenges.

Teaching and Mentorship

In addition to his project work, Goldberg has been a prominent educator and mentor. 

He has taught at the California College of the Arts and other institutions, influencing a new generation of photographers and artists. 

His teaching extends his commitment to social issues, encouraging students to explore documentary photography as a tool for social change and personal expression.

Magnum Photos and Collaborations

Goldberg’s contributions to photography have been recognized internationally, leading to his invitation to join Magnum Photos in 2002, where he became a full member in 2006. 

His involvement with Magnum has included collaborative projects and exhibitions that showcase his commitment to documentary work with a personal touch.

Exhibitions and Awards

Goldberg’s work has been exhibited worldwide in prestigious venues such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. 

He has received numerous awards for his work, including the Henri Cartier-Bresson Award and Guggenheim Fellowships, acknowledging his innovative contributions to the field of documentary photography.

Recent Projects and Current Work

Goldberg’s recent projects continue to push the boundaries of documentary storytelling. 

His ongoing project, “The Last Son,” revisits some of his earlier themes through a more autobiographical lens, reflecting on his own life and career. 

Goldberg remains active in both his personal projects and in the photographic community, continuing to explore new ways of storytelling through mixed media.

Legacy and Impact

Jim Goldberg’s work stands out in the field of contemporary photography for its profound humanity and innovative integration of photographic and textual narratives. 

His commitment to portraying the lives of marginalized communities has not only provided visibility to those often overlooked but has also influenced how documentary photography is practiced today. 

His legacy is characterized by his deep empathy, innovative narrative structures, and a relentless quest to understand and portray the complex fabric of human life.


Jim Goldberg’s career is a testament to the power of photography as a form of social inquiry and human connection. 

Through his extensive and varied body of work, he has reshaped the landscape of documentary photography, making it a rich field for exploring personal and social realities. 

His influence is evident in the ways in which contemporary photographers approach narrative, character, and collaboration, ensuring his place as a pivotal figure in the world of visual storytelling.

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