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Makeup Artists in Pennsylvania

The makeup artists in Pennsylvania that are listed on this page are, to the best of my knowledge, accepting professional assignments for makeup and other professional services.

Before you hire a makeup artist, be sure to review their portfolio and read the article 6 Reasons to Work with a Makeup Artist for Better Portraits or Headshots.

If you want amazing photographs HIRE A MAKEUP ARTIST!

If you are a model, don’t do your own makeup. You need to be able to focus your energy and creative talents on the acting skills that need to take place in front of the camera.

If you are a photographer and want to produce professional quality work, you need to collaborate with a makeup artist.

Select your city in the state of Pennsylvania:


Lauren Bennett
Allentown, PA
Email: Lauren
Phone: 610.442.7683
Specialties: Makeup, Airbrush, Weddings

Roxy Germano
Allentown, PA
Email: Roxy
Phone: 484.764.1769
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings, Lessons

Jenni Higgins
Allentown, PA
Email: Jenni
Phone: 610.844.4371
Specialties: Makeup, Hair, Weddings, Special FX


Beke Beau
Ardmore, PA
Email: Beke
Phone: 610.220.0042
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings


Monae Mallory
Bethlehem, PA
Email: Monae
Phone: 484-358-8268
Specialties: Makeup, Hair, Lessons, Bridal


Shelby Dines
Coraopolis, PA
Email: Shelby
Phone: 412.259.3145
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings, Lessons


Kylie Boughter
Etters, PA
Email: Kylie
Phone: 717.919.5163
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings, Special FX, Lessons


Lori Kelley
Feasterville, PA
Email: Lori
Phone: 215.942.4298
Specialties: Makeup, Hair, Weddings


Lisa Johnson
Greensburg, PA
Email: Lisa
Phone: 412.610.0512
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings


Carmina Cristina
Harrisburg, PA
Email: Carmina
Phone: 717.343.2805
Specialties: Makeup, Special FX, Weddings


Jennifer Lynne
Jenkintown, PA
Email: Jennifer
Phone: 215.983.9169
Specialties: Makeup, Hair


Patricia Solis
Lancaster, PA
Email: Patricia
Phone: 717.283.7477
Specialties: Makeup, Hair, Airbrush, Weddings


Susan Carabello
Morrisville, PA
Email: Susan
Phone: 267.579.3090
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings

New Hope

Karem Alsina
New Hope, PA
Email: Karem
Phone: 917.478.6534
Specialties: Makeup, Airbrush, Weddings, Lessons


Aleksandra Ambrozy
Philadelphia, PA
Email: Aleksandra
Phone: 267.984.2930
Specialties: Makeup, Light Hair,Weddings

Laurie Baldwin
Philadelphia, PA
Email: Laurie
Phone: 610.952.0408
Specialties: Makeup, Hair, Lessons

Morgan Chalfant
Philadelphia, PA
Email: Morgan
Phone: 215.901.9012
Specialties: Makeup, Hair, Airbrush, Bodypaint

Emily Dimant
Philadelphia, PA
Email: Emily
Phone: 267.519.7184
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings, Lessons

Liz Jacobs
Philadelphia, PA
Email: Liz
Phone: 215.317.6956
Specialties: Makeup, Hair, Weddings

Tina Kane
Philadelphia, PA
Email: Tina
Phone: 215.620.3960
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings, Airbrush

Victoria Roggio
Philadelphia, PA
Email: Victoria
Phone: 484.612.8384
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings

Mindy Tamaccio
Philadelphia, PA
Email: Mindy
Phone: 610.812.0987
Specialties: Makeup, Hair, Weddings, Lessons

Kelsey Tome
Philadelphia, PA
Email: Kelsey
Phone: 610.563.7024
Specialties: Makeup, Hair


Julie Marckisotto
Pittsburgh, PA
Email: Julie
Phone: 724.468.8317
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings, Lessons

Bethanym Montecalvo
Pittsburgh, PA
Email: Bethanym
Phone: 724.328.2211
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings

Jae Lee Paredes
Pittsburgh, PA
Email: Jae Lee
Phone: 412.327.6333
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings, Lessons, Airbrush

Allison Roth
Pittsburgh, PA
Email: Allison
Phone: 412.427.8078
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings


Justine Freeman
Pottstown, PA
Email: Justine
Phone: 484.988.0480
Specialties: Makeup, Light Hair, Weddings, Special FX

West Chester

Terrell Nurse
West Chester, PA
Email: Terrell
Phone: 516.229.1507
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings

Willow Grove

Nikki Brennan
Willow Grove, PA
Email: Nikki
Phone: 267.273.5587
Specialties: Makeup, Weddings

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This listing of makeup artists in Pennsylvania is provided by Photographer and Photo Educator Joe Edelman. Inclusion on this page is NOT an endorsement from Joe Edelman. The makeup artists are listed here either because I have personal experience with them OR I have reviewed their website / portfolio, investigated them using Google, and did not find a compelling reason to exclude them from the listing. Help me keep this listing up-to-date and accurate. If you find any errors or if you are one of the makeup artists in Pennsylvania that are listed, please submit current details about your business.
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