Schedule a 1 Hour Video Modeling Consultation

If you are serious about modeling and have LOTS of questions, a one hour MODELING CONSULTATION will answer your questions.

I guarantee that I can teach you more in one hour about the modeling industry and how to begin your career, than you will learn in any school, book or workshop.

Doing thorough research before beginning a career is extremely important if you hope to have any success.

I receive numerous inquiries each day asking about the industry and/or for evaluations of a potential talent or existing portfolio and headshot images.

I am sure that you can imagine if I were to respond in detail to each of these – I would have no time to run my business. Unfortunately, consulting via email is a very inefficient and time-consuming process.

I offer a ONE-HOUR MODELING CONSULTATION by phone, ZOOM, or Facetime, during which time I will answer questions and evaluate any images that you have.

I will also do my best to give you insight into the industry, career development, and portfolio development in an effort to help you set realistic expectations and a course that will allow you to achieve your goals.

To schedule your modeling consultation:

  1. Select a Date and Time on the calendar above.
  2. You will step through the payment process.
  3. After completing payment, you will be redirected to a page that will provide you with some preparation details for your consultation call.
  4. You will be asked to complete a form with statistical information and to forward me any images that you have. (Snapshots are fine if you are just getting started.)


“Make no mistake about it, modeling is more than pretty faces; its a business! New faces and experienced models alike would benefit from spending time consulting with Joe Edelman. He not only provided me with insight into how the modeling industry “really” works, but he also helped me to better position my daughters’ portfolios to the appropriate target audience(s). Anyone looking for a resource that can take the mystery out modeling and increase their chances for success should reach out to Joe Edelman. Significant return on your investment!” – Leon Kasperski – North Wales, Pennsylvania

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