My Photography Gear

I am frequently asked about my camera gear, lighting gear, and accessories, this page contains my current gear list for studio work, location shooting and livestream and video production.

Remember that the best gear is the gear that you have with you. It’s about knowing its strengths and limitations and using those to your creative advantage.

So whether you’re fighting GAS or just browsing for ideas, let’s keep our focus on what truly matters—capturing the magic of the moment, one click at a time.

Enjoy the journey, and don’t forget to occasionally put down that camera and see the world through your own two eyes. After all, the best viewfinder is the one we were born with!

The page is updated frequently. Be sure to bookmark it and stop back!

Camera Gear

Cases / Bags

In My Bag


Studio & Grip Gear

Tripod & Support Gear


Livestream Gear

NOTE: I am NOT sponsored by any manufacturers. ALL of the gear that you see listed here – I purchased myself. It was not given to me. I have teamed up with the folks at to give you the opportunity to purchase it from Amazon all while supporting my teaching efforts through affiliate links – all at no additional cost to you.

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