Photo Shoot Tips

  • Cowboy at the Tanque Verde Ranch

    Shot Breakdown – Shooting Cowboys and Cacti in the Arizona Desert

    What goes on inside my head during a shoot?  A few people have asked me that question recently so I though I would share.  Just remember… you asked for it! Recently, I posted a few shots on Facebook from a trip to the Tanque Verde Ranch just outside of Tucson, Arizona. A lot of folks had…

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  • Diary of a Street Fashion Photo Walk

    I had the honor of leading a Street Fashion Photo Walk at this year’s PhotoPlus Expo in New York City. This was a two hour walk that was advertised as an opportunity for photographers to spend two hours with me on the Friday morning of PPE2018. The Photo Walk Description Street Fashion Photo Walk with…

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  • Blowing Hair for Glamour Portraits & Best Fans For Your Photo Studio

    If you like working with models or photographing beautiful women, at some point you’re going to want to try a blowing hair shot. The problem as we all know is that hair often has a mind of its own, so adding wind is definitely a recipe for disaster – UNLESS you have the right tools…

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  • Matthew Furman

    Behind the scenes: My photo shoot with celebrity magician Matthew Furman

    My tagline says I Shoot People and that’s exactly what keeps me motivated as a photographer. My camera is my ticket to meet and interact with people. People that I would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience. Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to photograph numerous magicians on stage and in my studio…

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  • Fashion Portraiture with Simple Lighting Presented for Olympus

    Since switching to Olympus cameras, I really have been having a ton of fun shooting without sacrificing features or image quality. The Olympus gear has met and exceeded every one of my expectations and even saved me time in post production. I have also been very fortunate – Olympus has asked me to present on…

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  • Portrait Posing Tips to Hide a Double Chin

    Turkey Neck, meatbeard, neck spam, gwaddle, meat scarf, cowsaddle, chin dumpling, or chinsulation… whatever you want to call it, a double chin is not flattering, and it makes your subject appear much heavier than they really are. I’ve got some killer tips to help you thin the chin and instantly take weight off your subject.…

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  • To pose or not to pose cover image

    To Pose a Model or Not to Pose? That is the Question

    Before we get started, be warned: this is not a how to pose article. In fact, if you’ve read any of my articles on posing or heard me talk about the subject in one of my videos, you already know how I feel about most books and videos that teach you how to pose. They…

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  • How to Shoot Tethered Tutorial

    Do you prefer to shoot tethered? Do you even know what it means to shoot tethered? How do you decide if you should shoot tethered? It wasn’t that long ago that shooting tethered was reserved for photographers who had big budgets, assistants and super high end gear. Now pretty much all pro cameras and even…

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  • Creative Shutter Drag Technique Using Flash And Ambient Light

    Shutter drag or dragging the shutter is a flash technique. You can do it with speedlights or monolights and it can be used in a studio or on location, depending on the circumstances and the results that you’re after. I’m going to show you some images that use this technique, plus I’m going to throw…

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  • How to Plan a Portrait or Headshot Shoot

    Today’s assignment: a headshot sitting, a good old-fashioned business headshot. This isn’t going to be one of those crazy beauty shots with all kinds of makeup and stuff blowing around. This is for marketing purposes for a young woman who’s setting up a practice as a therapist. So let’s get started! My subject is a…

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  • Photographing people with glasses - How to avoid glare in eyeglasses

    Photographing people with glasses – How to avoid glare in eyeglasses

    One of the most common questions I receive: what’s the best lighting to use for photographing people with glasses, so that you don’t have reflections or glare on eyeglasses? The answer is easy… and I can use any kind of lighting arrangement I want to. I just set my lights, do my test shots, and…

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  • 7 Most Important Things To Know About Working With A Makeup Artist

    I have had new photographers tell me they are intimidated by the thought of working with a makeup artist. They don’t know how to find one, they don’t know how much to pay them, they don’t know how to communicate with them. And, in all honesty, working with a makeup artist for the first time…

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  • 6 Reasons to Work with a Makeup Artist

    For better portraits, headshots and beauty images, work with a makeup artist! Do you think this young woman would prefer to look like this? Or this? That’s what I thought. So until next time, keep learning, keep… Huh, ohhh you expected me to make a long and passionate speech about the reasons for using a…

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  • Home Photography Studio Setup – Tips for Building a DIY Home Portrait Studio on a Budget

    If you are going to photograph people in a studio setting, well, you need to own or rent a photography studio, right?  Wrong! You can build one, similar to what I have, in your own basement. Ten years ago, I decided it was time to give up the 40 minute commute to my 2,000 square…

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  • 2 Light – Dramatic Beauty Shot

    If you have been following my blog or my YouTube Videos you have heard me state over and over again… “Keep It Simple!” With that in mind here is a recent Beauty shot lighting technique that I did at the end of a modeling portfolio shoot. I did the shot with just 2 flash heads…

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  • How to shoot a hair flip and make it look AWESOME!

    Hair flips are just cool! But it’s not as simple as just telling a model to flip her hair As you will see in the hair flip video, as the photographer you need to be the models eyes since she has no idea how the head flip looks and whether or not her hair is…

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  • Should I tan before a photo shoot?

    NO! Absolutely not! Do NOT tan for a photo shoot. Tan lines do NOT look good in a photograph. If you look at the major fashion magazines or visit the top modeling agencies in the world, you will see that most of the models in the fashion world are somewhat pale or even very pale…

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  • Equipment And Lighting For Shooting The Female Nude

    Planning KISS IT! = Keep It Super Simple Especially for your first few shoots… select a simple concept or lighting style and don’t try to over do it. The majority of my fine art nudes are shot with one or two lights. Even when I am not using the models face, I am much more…

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