Photography Consultations and Mentoring Sessions

One-on-One Video Consultations || 6 and 12 month Video Mentoring Packages || Private In-Person Workshop

  • Are your photographs as good as you want them to be?
  • Are you struggling with Camera Techniques?
  • Are you feeling stuck with your progress in photography?
  • Do you need help with mastering a new technique?
  • Do you need help with your post-processing?
  • Are you ready to take your work to the next level?
  • Do you find marketing to be a challenge?
  • Is social media your biggest nightmare?

We all know that Google and YouTube are great tools for finding information. Still, they don’t give you a practical understanding of a technique or business situation based on real-life experience. No information on the internet was created precisely for you and your situation.

Every successful photographer I have met had a photography mentor who helped shape his/her career success and held them accountable to their own goals.

One-on-One Video Consultations

One-on-one video consultations allow us to discuss your photography challenges and goals and deliver personal attention and advice suited to your needs.

Create Your Own Mentoring or Accountability Program With 6 or 12-Month Packages

This is your opportunity to have monthly one-on-one sessions to help you work through a skill set or marketing rebrand.

6 Month Programs (1 per month)

6 – 30 minute one-on-one video sessions: $275.00 /$450.00 value
6 – 60 minute one-on-one video sessions: $350.00 /$600.00 value

12 Month Programs (1 per month)

12 – 30 minute one-on-one video sessions: $475.00 /$900.00 value
12 – 60 minute one-on-one video sessions: $600.00 /$1,200 value

Both 12-month packages include 1 FREE year membership in my TOGKnowledge Photography Community

To Register for the 6 or 12 month packages – click the package that you want above. Stripe handles one-time payments.

After the payment is completed, you will be directed to a scheduling page to set up your first one-on-one session!

Full-day One-on-One Personal Workshop

Spend a day with me in my studio in Allentown, PA, for a private one-on-one photography workshop.

We will spend a 7 hour day (9:00 am until 4:00 pm) in my studio and focus on whatever aspects of photography or business marketing you need to take your work to the next level.

The Cost: $850.00

The problem with many photography workshops is that you pay a lot of money to be part of a group of people, and you are stuck with a curriculum that is not designed for you.

If the workshop includes the opportunity to photograph models, you have no control over the selection of the models, the outfits, the makeup, the lighting, the background, etc. You are pretty much stuck photographing whatever is put in front of you – just like everyone else at the same workshop. That means your photos are also not unique because other photographers have pictures of the same models in the same outfits with the same lighting. That is why a personalized, custom-designed workshop makes for a better and more productive learning experience.

To customize YOUR private photography workshop, complete this form.

* Arrangements can be made to have a model available and even a makeup artist (at an additional cost), or you can bring your own.

** Traveling by air or need a hotel? Click here for more details.

Not sure which option is best for you?

If you are unsure about a 6 or 12-month Mentoring Package or if you have questions about a Private Workshop – schedule a FREE 15-minute ZOOM Consultation with me to help you decide.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor who can guide, advise, and support you to achieve your goals and progress. An accountability partner is someone who works with you to meet your own goals. Not some pre-defined course that is used by everyone willing to spend the money.

This may involve helping you achieve your personal photography or photography business goals. It will likely involve introducing you to new ways of thinking, challenging your limiting assumptions, sharing valuable photography experience, and much more.

Am I the right Photography Mentor for you?

In order to help you determine if this program is right for you, let’s begin with what is expected of YOU. The role of the mentee (that’s YOU) is to absorb the mentor’s knowledge and have the ambition and desire to know what to do with that knowledge. As a student, the mentee needs to take the initiative to practice and demonstrate what has been learned.

In other words, it is not up to me to tell you what is right or wrong. My role as your photography mentor is to help and guide you to accomplish what you like and want as a photographer — not what I like.

Ultimately, you will determine the amount of help and guidance needed.
Your responsibility is to take the initiative to ask for help or advice and tackle more challenging assignments without expecting me to provide “next steps.” This is not a class you are signing up for, and I am not the teacher who provides a grade.

The mentoring aspect of our relationship will be focused on your long-term photography goals and how you can best achieve them. As your mentor, I will focus on your goals and help you set realistic expectations. I will share my experience and knowledge of the industry to guide you toward decisions that will ensure that you reach those goals. As your accountability partner, I will help you improve your photography each step of the way and work with you on the short-term learning goals to improve your photography and or business and marketing skills.

I am a partner that will get to know you and sincerely care about your success. In that pursuit, I am honest — sometimes brutally honest, but always fair and willing to go to great lengths to assist in your success. But I will tell you upfront I will not work harder on your success than you do.

This program is right for you if you want access to a photographer with over 50 years of experience with a camera. A photographer who has not only that much experience but has also successfully remained relevant in today’s rapidly evolving social media-driven marketplace.

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