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We all know that it’s not the camera that makes the picture and I for one am not a gear driven photographer. I am much more interested in the process of creating cool images, but of course gear is a part of that and from time-to-time we need to talk practically about different pieces of gear.

These are not sponsored or paid gear posts. These are in-depth articles that explain why I use the gear that I do in the hope that it can help you make wise decisions with your gear.

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  • 10 Tips To Make Your Paper Seamless Backgrounds Last Longer

    10 Tips To Make Seamless Paper Backgrounds Last Longer

    Seamless paper backgrounds are a staple item for both amateur and professional photographers. They are versatile, reusable and affordable. Yet, I find it surprising how many photographers don’t take care of them and dispose of them much sooner than needed. Here are 10 tips for making your backgrounds last and…

  • Where is the cheapest and best place to buy camera gear?

    Where Is the Cheapest and Best Place To Buy Camera Gear?

    Recently a fellow photographer told me, “I would never buy camera gear from I will only buy from a reputable retailer like B&H Photo.” That got me to thinking about how the process of buying camera gear has changed in the 40+ years I have been involved in photography…

  • RapiDome by Photoflex

    RapiDome by Photoflex

    The RapiDome by Photoflex is a lightweight speedlight modifier which is changing the way I approach portrait lighting both on location and in the studio. I’ll explain why and I’ll even take you behind the scenes as I put it to the test. The folks at Photoflex were kind enough…

  • DigiBee DB800 by Paul C. Buff – The MOST Underrated Flash Unit on the Market for studio lighting

    DigiBee DB800 by Paul C. Buff

    I honestly think the Digibee – the DigiBee DB800 by Paul C. Buff, to be exact – is the most underrated flash unit on the market today. This DigiBee DB800 has been on the market for just about a year now and I will admit that I just started using…

  • What Is a Speedlight Flash?

    Speedlight Photography: What Is a Speedlight Flash?

    Speedlights, or speedlites, or speedlight flashes, or hot shoe flashes…. what are they? Why and when should you use them? And how do you use them? A speedlight, like this now discontinued LumoPro 180 below, is simply a small battery-powered flash that is designed to work both on and off…

  • How to Windproof Your Light Stands With a StandDaddy

    How to Windproof Your Light Stands With a StandDaddy

    I have found a cool new gadget called StandDaddy that is easy to transport, easy to set up, lets you easily move your stands, and works great as a stabilizer for both light stands and tripods. Have you ever tried shooting outside on a breezy or windy day and had…

  • Best Studio Light Modifier: Softbox, Umbrella or Beauty Dish?

    Best Studio Light Modifier: Softbox, Umbrella or Beauty Dish?

    Softboxes, Umbrellas, Brolly Boxes, Parabolic Reflectors, Beauty Dishes… which light modifier should I use? Is it better to get silver or white? Which one should I buy first? In this article I’ll help you answer all those questions and more. I get lots of questions about lighting, and one of…

  • Best Software Options for Shooting Tethered

    Best Software Options for Shooting Tethered

    Are you ready to start shooting tethered? Are you looking for the best software to use? Tethering doesn’t have to be difficult. In this article, I will break down your options and look at why you might pick one over the other, and I’ll even explain how I create backups…

  • Light Blaster by Spiffy Gear

    Light Blaster by Spiffy Gear

    Stop! Don’t move! Now click that “like” button, or I’ll blast you with my Light Blaster! I bet you’re wondering ‘What the heck is a Light Blaster?’ The Light Blaster is a strobe-based image projector that will let you to turn a simple backdrop into an exciting new background with…

  • Best lens for portrait photography and headshots

    Best Lens for Portrait Photography and Headshots

    So you’re ready to begin shooting portraits or headshots. Now, the question is: what is the best lens for portrait photography?? This is a question that has multiple answers depending on several factors. First and MOST important – what is your style of photography and what kind of portrait does…

  • DIY Fluorescent Studio Lighting

    DIY Fluorescent Studio Lighting

    I have received an incredible response from the article and video series that I produced about the DIY Fluorescent Studio Lighting Set-up (See original video below). I have also received TONS of questions about the fixtures and how to use them so it is time to write a quick follow-up…

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