The Simple Approach to Portraits That Flatter

This is not your parent’s portrait class!

The Simple Approach to Portraits That FlatterThe secret sauce to great portraiture is understanding that psychology makes up 80% of process. Photography is only 20% of the game.

Joe will share his approach to building a relationship with his subjects to put them at ease and then using his KISS IT (Keep It Super Simple) 5′ lighting technique, he will show how to create flattering portraits with simple lighting and posing techniques.

He will cover everything from camera and lens selection, depth of field, camera angles, composition, posing, lighting and backgrounds.

This presentation includes a live demonstration using real-time video projected for the audience so that you can see the tethered results of these simple techniques through the camera lens as he creates the images.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of PREP
  • Building a rapport with your subject
  • Outfit selection
  • Gear choices and considerations
  • Communication tips to motivate and direct your models
  • Easy lighting tips for beautiful portraits
  • … and much more!

Details About This Photography Presentation by Joe Edelman

Duration:  2 Hours with time for Q&A
Available ONLY as an In-Person Presentation
Intended audience
: Photographers of all skill levels.

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