Shoot PREP

The photographers guide to setting up a successful shoot

Shoot Prep: Great Photograph Requires Excellent PreparationGreat Photographs Require Excellent Preparation

Preparation is the key to success and Joe will walk us through the importance of shoot prep for ANY genre and type of photography and give you examples from his career. He is going to share it all from idea to completion.

Special emphasis will be placed on people photography, meaning portraits and working with models. He will begin with his process for developing ideas and progress through finding models, working with makeup artists, deciding on backgrounds for a photo shoot – all of it!

What you will learn:

  • The importance of preparing for a shoot.
  • How to generate ideas for creative images
  • Best ways to find models and makeup artists
  • Collaboration tips for working with models and makeup artists
  • Steps to insure that your model doesn’t flake
  • … and much more!

Details About This Photography Presentation by Joe Edelman

Duration:  2 Hours with time for Q&A
Available as an In-Person or Virtual Presentation
Intended audience
: Photographers of all skill levels.

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