EXPOSURE – What REALLY is “Correct Exposure”?

Forget about the Exposure Triangle and Histograms!

Who needs a triangle? Choose your shutter speed with purpose and your aperture with feeling, then adjust the brightness with ISO.”  –Joe Edelman

EXPOSURE – What is Correct Exposure?Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO are the three most crucial camera controls that every photographer needs to understand – but how do you determine the correct exposure, to begin with?

Joe will walk you through correct exposure and what that really means in the age of mirrorless digital technology.

Our camera technology has changed dramatically in the last twenty years, but the way we think and talk about exposure has not kept up.

Instead of triangles and histograms, we will dig into the relationships between Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO so that you create more consistent exposures to obtain the highest possible image quality that your camera can deliver.

What you will learn:

  • How to best determine “Correct Exposure.”
  • The relationship between Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO.
  • Why you need to FORGET the Exposure Triangle.
  • Why you should ignore the Histogram.
  • Exposing to the left or the right is NOT a technique. It is an occasional solution to a problem.
  • . . .and much more!

Details About This Photography Presentation by Joe Edelman

Duration:  90 minutes with time for Q&A
Available as an In-Person or Virtual Presentation.

Intended Audience:
Photographers of all skill levels. This excellent Camera Club talk can be presented in person or virtually.

Set up Needed:
In-Person: This presentation requires the use of a digital projector and screen or a large-screen TV with an HDMI connection.
Virtual: This presentation works very well virtually. I can host up to 100 people via ZOOM or present on your organization’s account. The presentation is made from a professional Livestream studio with professional lighting and sound.

Joe Edelman Presenting on Stage

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