Portrait Photography

Learn to shoot portraits like a PRO

A Portrait Photography Presentation by Joe Edelman

Portrait Photography - Shoot portraits like a pro
Portrait photography is a valuable skill for every photographer to master, and Joe will take you through his entire process.

There is a marked difference between a good portrait and a great one. While many can point and shoot, creating a portrait that narrates the story of its subject requires skill, intuition, and technique. Every minute detail contributes to the tale, from the twinkle in the eyes to the play of shadows on the face.

In this presentation, Joe will shed light (literally and metaphorically) on the intricacies of portrait photography. 

Joe will do a studio demo to show you how to create great lighting for your portraits with minimal equipment.

This is not your parent’s portrait class! Using his KISS IT (Keep It Super Simple) techniques, Joe will show how to create flattering portraits with simple lighting and posing techniques. He will cover everything from camera and lens selection, depth of field, camera angles, composition, posing, lighting, backgrounds, and more!

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

The Anatomy of a Great Portrait: Unveil the layers that transform an ordinary snapshot into an evocative portrait.

Preparation Matters: Master the pre-shoot drill to connect, understand, and communicate with your subjects for authentic results.

Lens Selection: Choose the perfect lens that complements your vision and subject.

Illuminating Insights: Dive deep into the lighting world, understanding its nuances, and setting up for perfect portraits with minimal gear.

Setting the Stage: Navigate through the maze of backgrounds, selecting one that augments the character of the portrait.

Directing & Posing: Learn the secrets to guide your subjects effortlessly, ensuring relaxed and genuine poses.

Craft & Composition: Hone your cropping and framing skills to elevate your portraits’ visual appeal.

Behind the Camera: Joe will share his techniques, tips, and tricks to get the most from his subjects to create relaxed, flattering expressions.

  Presentation Details

Duration: 2 Hours with time for Q&A.

Available as an In-Person or Virtual Presentation.

This subject also works very well as an in-person 3-4 hour hands-on workshop.

  Download Included

This program includes a digital download with notes and links to additional learning information and any equipment discussed during the presentation.

Download link is shared at the end of the presentation and will be active for 72 hours after the presentation concludes.

  Intended Audience

This interactive and inspiring session is intended for photographers of all skill levels and all interests.

The concepts and techniques apply to both digital and film photography across all genres.

  Set up Needed

In-Person: Requires the use of a digital projector and screen or a large-screen TV with a HDMI connections.

Virtual: I can host up to 100 people via ZOOM, or I can present on your organization's account. The presentation is delivered from a professional Livestream studio with professional lighting and sound.

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  Images of Live & Virtual Presentations

All of my presentations, in-person or virtual, are lively, interactive, inspiring, and packed with useful information, with a little bit of humor thrown in for good measure!

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Portraits by Joe Edelman

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