Practical Composition

“No Rules” Composition Techniques To Improve Your Photography

A General Photography Presentation by Joe Edelman

Practical composition techniques to improve digital file management in UI photography.

“Good composition is like a puzzle. All the pieces must fit together perfectly to complete the picture.” — Joe Edelman


Practical Composition Without Rules

Composition is the art of harmoniously fitting together the elements in your frame. However, the true beauty of photography lies in its individuality – no two photos are alike. So, why conform to rigid rules that hamper your creativity and produce predictable results?

Rules = Predictable

The infamous “Rule of Thirds” is the most overused and abused composition in photography. As the great American photographer Edward Weston once said, “Composition is the strongest way of seeing.”

I will introduce you to a composition philosophy that encourages authentic vision and unrestricted artistic expression, leaving rules behind as mere creativity killers.

A Practical Composition Methodology

In this thought-provoking presentation, I will guide you through my practical composition approach, founded upon the relationships of the objects in your photograph, the compelling stories you wish to tell, and the moods you aim to convey.

This departure from conventional rules focuses on an alternative approach to composition that fosters artistic freedom and individuality. Discover how to think about style and content first, empowering you to communicate your artistic message with clarity and impact.

Prepare to enrich your photography skills with an array of invaluable takeaways:

Directing the Viewer: Master the art of leading your audience’s gaze through your composition, ensuring an engaging and immersive visual experience.

The Three Essential Considerations: Explore the vital aspects to contemplate in every photograph, enabling you to capture the essence of your subject with authenticity and emotion.

8 Practical Composition Tips: Unlock a treasure trove of actionable tips and techniques, immediately enhancing the quality and creativity of your photographic endeavors.

… and much more!

This presentation is a unique blend of art and science, marrying nearly five decades of hands-on experience with a solid foundation in cognitive psychology. The result? A fresh perspective on composition that defies the norm, empowering you to transcend boundaries and create visual masterpieces that are truly one-of-a-kind.

  Presentation Details

Duration: 90 minutes with time for Q&A.

Available as an In-Person or Virtual Presentation.

  Download Included

This program includes a digital download with notes and links to additional learning information and any equipment discussed during the presentation.

Download link is shared at the end of the presentation and will be active for 72 hours after the presentation concludes.

  Intended Audience

This interactive and inspiring session is intended for photographers of all skill levels and all interests.

The concepts and techniques apply to both digital and film photography across all genres.

  Set up Needed

In-Person: Requires the use of a digital projector and screen or a large-screen TV with a HDMI connections.

Virtual: I can host up to 100 people via ZOOM, or I can present on your organization's account. The presentation is delivered from a professional Livestream studio with professional lighting and sound.

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  Images of Live & Virtual Presentations

All of my presentations, in-person or virtual, are lively, interactive, inspiring, and packed with useful information, with a little bit of humor thrown in for good measure!

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