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René Burri [1933 – 2014], a Swiss photographer with a restless lens, captured the pulse of the 20th century.

From his 1950s photojournalism capturing deaf-mute children to iconic portraits of Che Guevara and Picasso, Burri’s black-and-white and color images throbbed with raw emotion and artistic depth.

He joined Magnum Photos in 1959, traversing continents to document cultural upheaval in Brazil, societal shifts in the USSR, and the stark realities of Vietnam.

Yet, Burri’s eye wasn’t solely drawn to political drama. He found beauty in the mundane, his lyrical street photography of São Paulo and vibrant portraits of everyday people revealing a profound respect for humanity.

Burri’s mastery of composition and light imbued his work with a timeless quality, his images transcending mere documentation to become poignant narratives of a changing world.

He left behind a legacy of impactful photographs that continue to resonate, reminding us of the complexities and enduring magic of the human experience.

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Photography Quotes From René Burri

Drawing inspiration from Rene Burri, the key to creating impactful art lies in capturing and conveying the intense emotions one has personally encountered.
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Music played a key role in Burri’s creative process. He likened the improvisation and rhythm of jazz to his approach to photography, allowing himself to flow with intuition and respond to the scene unfolding before him, resulting in images that vibrate with emotional energy.

Videos about René Burri

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Even after decades behind the lens, Burri never stopped exploring. He embraced digital photography, experimented with new perspectives and compositions, and continued to travel the world, documenting stories and seeking connections, until his passing in 2014.

Photography Books: René Burri

The book cover featuring a captivating woman's face, captured by Bruno Barbey.
The cover of rene burri movement featuring Bruno Barbey.
Brasilia by Bruno Barbey.
A black and white photograph of a woman standing next to a chair, taken by Bruno Barbey.
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Beyond capturing images, Burri actively contributed to the photographic community. He served as president of Magnum France, mentored aspiring photographers, and participated in conferences, advocating for social justice and artistic freedom.

Biography of René Burri

Early Life and Educational Background

René Burri, born on April 9, 1933, in Zurich, Switzerland, was a world-renowned Swiss photographer best known for his iconic images of major political, historical, and cultural figures and events of the 20th century. 

Growing up in a Switzerland still feeling the effects of the Great Depression and World War II, Burri developed an early interest in the visual arts. 

His father, a photographer for a local studio, introduced him to the craft. Still, the upheavals of the era sharpened his eye for the significant and the historical.

Photographic Beginnings

Burri’s journey into photography began earnestly at the Zurich School of Applied Arts, where he studied from 1949 to 1953 under the tutelage of Hans Finsler, a prominent figure in the New Objectivity movement. 

His education honed his technical skills and instilled in him a profound appreciation for the power of visual storytelling. 

Upon completing his studies, Burri served in the Swiss army, where he worked as a cameraman, further solidifying his path toward photojournalism.

Early Career and Exploration

After his military service, Burri traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East, capturing life post-World War II. 

These early travels were pivotal, exposing him to diverse cultures and histories and defining his approach to photography as a tool for exploration and documentation.

Joining Magnum Photos

In 1955, Burri met Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the founders of Magnum Photos, who recognized his talent and invited him to join the agency. 

By 1959, Burri became a full member, a partnership that would last throughout his career. 

Magnum provided Burri with a platform to expand his reach, and he soon found himself at the center of significant global events.

Iconic Works and Subjects

Burri’s oeuvre is vast and varied, capturing everything from the architecture of Brasília to the Suez Crisis. 

However, he is best known for his portraits of revolutionary leaders and artists, including Che Guevara, Pablo Picasso, and Le Corbusier. 

His 1963 portraits of Che Guevara, with cigar in mouth, have become iconic images, emblematic of rebellion and charisma.

Photographic Style and Contributions

Burri’s style is marked by a profound humanism and a keen sense of composition. 

He could capture his subjects in moments of vulnerability and grandeur, offering insights into their personalities and the times they lived in. 

His work spans geopolitical divides, documenting both sides of the Berlin Wall, the Six-Day War, and the Vietnam War, always with an eye for the human story amidst political turmoil.

Exhibitions, Awards, and Publications

Burri’s work was exhibited worldwide throughout his career and garnered numerous awards. 

His publications, including “The Germans,” “Die Deutschen,” “One World,” and “Che Guevara,” are critical contributions to photojournalism, blending powerful imagery with insightful commentary. 

These works not only highlight his photographic skill but also his deep engagement with the world.

Teaching and Mentorship

Beyond his contributions to photography, Burri was also a dedicated educator and mentor, sharing his knowledge and experiences through workshops and lectures across the globe. 

He was passionate about nurturing the next generation of photographers, encouraging them to look beyond the surface and find the stories that matter.

Later Years and Legacy

René Burri continued to work and travel until his later years, passing away on October 20, 2014, in Zurich. 

His legacy is that of a photographer who traversed the globe, capturing the essence of the human condition against the backdrop of political and social upheaval. 

His work remains a testament to the power of photography to document, inspire, and provoke, leaving an indelible mark on the field of photojournalism.

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