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Interview With Sony Artisan and Master Photographer – Scott Robert Lim

Sony Artisan and international master photographer Scott Robert Lim is a certified educator and has over 70 international awards to his name, including Top Ten Most Influential, Kodak Award, World’s Top Wedding Photographers, and has been a judge at many internationalScott Robert Lim photography competitions. His work has been published and viewed by thousands all over the world and is a popular speaker around the world. For the last decade, he has dedicated his career to developing world-class photographers and loves teaching photographers of all levels. He has an energetic and charismatic speaking style and is an industry leader in photography education.
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Photo Quote

You see, I’m not interested in mediocrity in photography. I’m not interested in selling cat shit to dogs. I just want to do my own thing. If people like my work, all the better. If they don’t, too bad.”
— Ralph Gibson

I love this quote. It is a sentiment that I have subscribed to my entire career. You are only capable of doing what you do. So it is a waste of energy to try and do what somebody else does.

This quote comes to us from an icon — Ralph Gibson. Gibson is an American art photographer known for his incredible photographic books. Born in 1939, he studied photography in the US Navy and then at the San Francisco Art Institute in the early 1960’s. Gibson went on to assist Dorothea Lange and later, Robert Frank before launching his professional career. Gibson’s photographs are in many important museum collections and have been shown in hundreds of exhibitions across the globe.

What I love about Ralph Gibson’s work is details. He has an amazing way of photographing the obvious in a way that is not obvious. Even his fashion work features bold graphic detail. There is a depth and range to Ralph Gibson’s work that shows an incredible strength in creative skill.

I invite you to check out Ralph Gibson’s work and learn from the attention to detail and bold graphic style that he presents in multiple genres of photography..

Talent Under 30

This week’s Talent Under 30 photographer is Philadelphia based Editorial and Commercial Photographer Margo Reed.

I am honored to know Margo. She is 25 years old and already has a depth of experience that is way beyond her years. Margo grew up in a very small town near reading Pennsylvania and I first met her when she was 18 years old, and I was a judge for a photography competition that she deservedly won.

It has been an honor to watch Margo grow as a photographer through her college career. Many of you have heard me talk about giving my interns Vivitar 283 flashes to work with and learn multiple flash lighting. Margo — is one of those interns. I am thrilled that last year she graduated to Godox/ Flashpoint lighting and remembered what I asked when I handed her the 283’s – she passed them along to a young photography student – so those Vivitar 283’s are still helping a young photographer learn how to light.

What I appreciate most about Margo’s images — they show empathy and respect and a sincere curiosity for the people and the world around her. Margo has a fearless curiosity that has taken a small town girl to some incredibly scary places and yet that curiosity continues to grow.

She markets herself as an Editorial and Commercial photographer. Already in her early 20s, she has freelanced and been on staff with the Philadelphia Inquirer. Not an easy task. In fact, it was a highly coveted job that I fought for in my early 20s and came very close — but didn’t make it.

If I could be so bold — I would label her and her as a Documentary Photojournalist and if I were to make a prediction we are going to see a career full of work that will take the viewer to places they would be reluctant to go on their own.

Remember the name Margo reed — she has a great future in this industry.

Check out Philadelphia based Commercial and Editorial Photographer — Margo Reed

You can help me out and “hold the door open” for a young photographer

If you know of an incredibly talented photographer of any genre – under the age of 30 who is creating exceptional work – please share his or her Instagram handle with me so that I can check them out and possibly feature them here on TOGCHAT.

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