Shoot Breakdown

Start to finish, these are breakdowns of photo shoots.  Behind the scenes, how the image was created and what problems were solved.

  • The Stuck at Home Photography Challenge

    The Stuck at Home Photography Challenge

    Given the current world events – photography may be more important to you than ever. Let me take just a moment to offer my prayers and sympathies to those who have been directly affected and to offer my wishes and hopes that all of you will be smart and remain…

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  • Photo shoot with celebrity magician Matthew Furman

    Photo Shoot With Celebrity Magician Matthew Furman

    My tagline says I Shoot People and that’s exactly what keeps me motivated as a photographer. My camera is my ticket to meet and interact with people. People that I would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience. Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to photograph numerous magicians on…

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  • Fashion Portraits with Cellophane

    Fashion Portraits With Cellophane

    I’m always on the lookout for things that I can drape around a model, or turn into an outfit, or place over a light source to change the color of the light, or even turn into a background. As a result, I make frequent trips to local fabric stores and…

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  • How To Save a Shoot When Your Idea Isn’t Working

    How To Save a Shoot When Your Idea Isn’t Working

    What do you do when you have a beautiful subject with amazing makeup in front of your camera and you want to produce a shot that is truly special and… it’s just not coming together? Maybe the lighting is boring, the camera angles are bland, and the sweat is starting…

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  • Sci-Fi Inspired Four Light Fashion Portrait Tutorial

    Sci-Fi Inspired Four Light Fashion Portrait Tutorial

    What can we create with four strobes, some blue gels, a big fan, and a gorgeous model with incredible eyes? Two unique sci-fi fashion portraits. I’m going to show you how I did it and share with you why it’s important to emotionally LET GO of your work once you…

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  • Self Portrait Tutorial

    Self Portrait Tutorial

    How I shot my self portrait for social media and my photography website The task: I got a new pair of glasses and that means it was time to update my profile photo for my website and social media. When shooting a portrait, ask yourself: WHO is the subject? Me!…

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  • Three light Beauty Lighting with No Light Modifiers

    Three light Portrait, Headshot and Beauty Lighting

    I want to show you some beauty lighting and a series of headshots done with three lights and a reflector – and NO modifiers on the lights. The modifier was the room that I shot in. In this series of headshots and beauty shots, I was working in my home…

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  • 2 Light Lingerie Glamour Lighting Setup - A Studio Lighting Tutorial with Glamour Lighting

    2 Light Lingerie Glamour Lighting Setup

    I’m going to walk you through another one of my keep it super simple (KISS IT) glamour lighting arrangements that requires only two lights and a medium softbox. I also use the all-purpose box that I showed you in my DIY Home Studio blog article and showed you how to…

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  • Halloween Inspired Three Light Beauty Portrait

    Halloween Inspired Three Light Beauty Portrait

    Today I have a Halloween-inspired three light beauty portrait tutorial for you guys, done with mixed light sources and with some cool orange gels for effect. This is a fun beauty shot that I did for Halloween a few years back. Like many of my shots, the real credit for…

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  • Beauty Portrait with a Beauty Dish, 4 lights & Red Gels

    Beauty Portrait with a Beauty Dish, 4 lights & Red Gels

    Today I’m going to show you a beauty shot I did with four lights, some red gels and a beauty dish. I will also show you a few awesome variations that I got by working the shot. Watch the VIDEO… This is a beauty shot that I did with a…

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  • Beauty Portrait Lighting Setup

    One Light & Reflector for Dramatic Portraits

    I have a really simple one light portrait lighting set-up that I use for beauty shots and dramatic portraits. I’ll walk you through it and show you how you can add more lights and gels to turn this simple arrangement into a bold and colorful set-up. Are you tired of…

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  • How to shoot a fitness magazine cover shot

    How To Shoot a Fitness Magazine Cover Shot

    Have you ever thought about shooting a fitness magazine cover? You know, the ones with the white background, clean, crisp commercial lighting, three quarter length pose, really fit and sexy subject who looks really happy. . . sound familiar? You see these all the time when you’re in the checkout…

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  • megan041610 0053

    Body Painting – The Mermaid Model Project

    The Mermaid Model Project is a body painting and digital scenery shot that was conceived and executed by Philadelphia based makeup artist Morgan Chalfant. ( Body Painting Concept We made the decision early in our discussions that we didn’t want a Disney styled mermaid.  We wanted a look that was…

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  • Wide Angle Pink Clamshell Beauty Shot

    Wide Angle Pink Clamshell Beauty Shot

    This beauty shot is from the “oldie but goodie” category for me. A follower on Facebook asked me for the details on the image since I recently posted it as a Timeline Cover – so here is the scoop. . . I like to challenge my creative process by trying…

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  • How NOT to Shoot a Self-Portrait

    How Not To Shoot a Self-portrait

    Radio DJ’s often say that they have a face made for Radio. Hence the reason they aren’t on Television. (Unless your name is Ryan Seacrest) There is a reason I work behind the camera, I simply hate having my picture taken.  Probably because I am never happy with what I…

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  • What exactly is a beauty shot?

    What Exactly Is a Beauty Shot?

    A Beauty portrait is a close-up portrait, usually a crop from the bust up or closer. It can range from little to no makeup all the way to dramatic creative makeup with lots of fu-fu surrounding the model. This is a Beauty portrait… …and this is a beauty portrait One…

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