Beauty Portrait Photography

  • Photo Shoot TipsCalm in the middle of Chaos Cover

    Fashion Portraits with Movement

    Table of ContentsThe Creative Photography DilemmaCalm in the Middle of Chaos is all about movementDoes It Only Work With Fans?The Simple Trick To Keep Attention on My Subjects Face There are so many visual tools that photographers have available to influence the viewer’s experience with a photograph. Things like using…

  • DIY Photography TipsModel with blue gel water background

    3 DIY PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS to Create Depth in Studio Portraits

    3 DIY PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS Solid colored backgrounds are great when shooting people because they let you isolate your subject, and since they come in different colors they are very versatile – if you have enough money to buy every color. I already showed you in this YouTube video that gray…

  • Photography Lighting TechniquesDIRECT FLASH Glamour Shot or Beauty Portrait

    Direct Flash Glamour Shots and Beauty Portraits

    If you have tried using direct flash without any modifiers or, even worse yet, put a speed light on top of your camera and aimed it straight at your subject, or even if you haven’t, chances are you’ve heard that direct flash is not a good idea when you’re photographing…

  • Shoot BreakdownsA woman in a dramatic red and yellow costume showcasing a striking beauty portrait - shoot breakdown

    Dramatic Beauty Portrait – Shot With 2 Lights

    Here is a recent dramatic beauty portrait lighting technique that I did at the end of a modeling portfolio shoot. I did the shot with just 2 flash heads and one of them; was BOUNCED onto the ceiling. The model is a young 16-year-old from Cleveland, Ohio who traveled here…

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