Bounce Flash

  • Gear

    What is a speedlight flash? Strobist Photography Tutorial Series on Off Camera Flash

    Speedlights, or speedlites, or speedlight flashes, or hot shoe flashes…. what are they? Why and when should you use them? And how do you use them? Watch the VIDEO… A speedlight, like this LumoPro 180 below, is simply a small battery-powered flash that is designed to work both on and off camera. Speedlights have grown…

  • Lighting

    Who says bounce flash is ugly?

    “Never use bounce flash for portraits!” When I was a young photographer (back in the film era) I was taught that bounce flash for people pictures was not flattering and should only be used for event and news photography. Recently I did a Google search on the phrase “Bounce Flash” and got back more than…

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