Fine Art Nude

  • Photo Shoot Tips

    Equipment And Lighting For Shooting The Female Nude

    Planning KISS IT! = Keep It Super Simple Especially for your first few shoots… select a simple concept or lighting style and don’t try to over do it. The majority of my fine art nudes are shot with one or two lights. Even when I am not using the models face, I am much more…

  • Tog Tips

    Exposure Do’s and Don’ts For Fine Art Nude Images

    Exposing the Fine Art Nude The metering systems in todays DSLR cameras are micro-computers that are capable of making amazing calculations in real time. No matter how good we would like to think this technology is, the simple fact is that a light meter makes its calculations based upon its sensitivity to light and mathematical…

  • Tog Tips

    Lighting for Mood with the Female Nude

    I am a fan of the KISS IT (Keep It Simple Stupid) method of lighting and shooting. So with that in mind let’s jump right in and look at a few lighting set-ups that I routinely use for shooting fine art nudes. (If you haven’t read the previous two articles and watched the videos –…

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