• Editorial

    My TOP 11 Most Viewed Photography Videos for 2017 and My 5 Most Popular Of All-Time

    As 2017 comes to a close I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on this past year and my top 11 videos. Plus, I will share with you my top 5 videos of all time – they may surprise you! 2017 has been an amazing year and honestly I owe it all to…

  • Gear

    10 Tripod Tips and Tricks plus How to choose the right tripod for your photography

    A tripod is one of the most important pieces of gear that you should own and use as a photographer. Yet I see so many photographers struggle to choose the right tripod, or– even worse–not use them properly or– the absolute worst of all–not use them when they should be using them. So I am…

  • Editorial


    My Facebook group recently blew up in a heated debate: Why is watermaking an issue? Painters add their signature right into their painting as an assurance that people will be able to identify them as the artist but they do it in a way that you frequently need to hunt to find it. Photographers really don’t…

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