LED Lighting

  • Photography GearSmith Victor CooLED Lights

    Smith Victor CooLED Lights

    In this article- Part 4 of my LED light series- I’m gonna show you some lights from the Smith Victor CooLED series. These include three LED studio lights that look more like studio strobes that you can attach modifiers to like you do with a strobe. I’ll also add a…

  • Photography GearLED Portrait Lighting with Savage Edge Lit Pro LED Lights

    LED Portrait Lighting With Savage Edge Lit Pro Led Lights

    How do you make an LED lighting panel that is much bigger than a strobe, yet super thin and has really even light across the front panel?… You light it from the edge. That’s want Savage Universal did with these awesome Savage Edge Lit Pro LED Lights, which I’ll be…

  • Photography GearSpekular LED Photography Lights / What is CRI?

    Spekular LED Photography Lights / What Is Cri?

    Spekular is a new modular LED lighting system that is being referred to as the Swiss army knife of lighting. For the second part of my continuous lighting series, I am going to put Spekular to the test and I am going to do my best to demystify those three…

  • Photography GearLED or Strobe - Which is Better?

    LED Continuous Lights vs Strobes for Photography

    LED this, LED that, hybrid lighting, CRI, constant vs strobe… are you getting a headache from all these headlines and videos and kickstarter campaigns about these revolutionary new lighting gadgets? Is it causing you stress because you are going to have to spend a ton of money to keep up…

  • DIY Photography TipsBeautiful Portrait Lighting Arrangements

    Portrait Lighting Arrangements With DIY LED Studio Lights

    Now that you have your own DIY LED studio lights- or you maybe you are planning to build a set-  you need to learn how to use it. I’ll walk you through a dozen different ways that I use these lights, plus I’ll give you some not-so-obvious tips that I…

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