Makeup Artist

  • Lighting

    Sci-Fi Inspired Four Light Fashion Portrait Tutorial

    What can we create with four strobes, some blue gels, a big fan, and a gorgeous model with incredible eyes? Two unique sci-fi fashion portraits. I’m going to show you how I did it, and share with you why it’s important to emotionally LET GO of your work once you show it to other people.…

  • Modeling Resources

    6 Reasons to Work with a Makeup Artist

    For better portraits, headshots and beauty images, work with a makeup artist! Do you think this young woman would prefer to look like this? Or this? That’s what I thought. So until next time, keep learning, keep… Huh, ohhh you expected me to make a long and passionate speech about the reasons for using a…

  • Modeling Resources

    Modeling Terms and Phrases

    Here is the most complete, most detailed glossary of modeling terms and phrases that you will find anywhere on the Internet. I have defined more than 150 modeling industry terms in detail and included links to additional reference material. Every industry has its own unique vocabulary, and modeling and acting are no different. If you…

  • Photo Shoot Tips

    5 reasons to hire a Makeup Artist for your Photo Shoot

    5 reasons to hire a Makeup Artist for your Photo Shoot if you are a model: If you are the model – your job is to MODEL! You should be focused on modeling – not trying to do your hair and makeup. No one can do their own makeup as well as a great makeup…

  • Photo Shoot Tips

    Should I hire a Makeup Artist for my Photo Shoot?

    Oh HECK Yeah – you should hire a makeup artist! When you are shooting images for your modeling portfolio, remember that these are potentially the most important photographs that you will ever create. You need to hire a makeup artist to help insure these images look amazing. These are the images that will hopefully get…

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