• Gear

    How to WINDPROOF light stands with a StandDaddy™ A “better than DIY” piece of grip equipment

    I have found a cool new gadget called StandDaddy that is easy to transport, easy to set up, lets you easily move your stands, and works great as a stabilizer for both light stands and tripods. Have you ever tried shooting outside on a breezy or windy day and had the wind catch your modifier…

  • Lighting

    How to use a REFLECTOR the right way for better portraits

    Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Seriously – PLEASE STOP using reflectors to create crappy unflattering light. TV shows, movies, and unfortunately even YouTube photographers seem to think it’s really cool to do that low angle gold reflector that blinds your subject, makes ridiculously bright catchlights in the bottom of their eyes and puts shadows in…

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