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    How to find the right model photographer to shoot your portfolio

    There are great model photographers all across the United States. There are however very few that are really good at shooting modeling portfolios. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good model photographers, it just means they don’t really understand what makes a great modeling portfolio. They don’t teach that in photography school. So here is what…

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    Modeling with tattoos- is it even an option?

    Yes – modeling with tattoos is an option. But if you’re serious about modeling – STOP getting tattoos. If you’re researching this question – you probably already have some tattoos or you are thinking about getting one. There are photographers who love models with tattoos. While those photographers may create some great images of you,…

  • Photo Shoot Tips

    Is your Modeling Makeup Kit ready for your next photo shoot?

    A modeling makeup kit is an important tool for EVERY model. Both male and female models need a well-stocked modeling makeup kit to ensure that they always look their best in front of the camera. It doesn’t matter if you are modeling for fun or if you are modeling professionally through modeling agencies, it is…

  • Photo Shoot Tips

    Is your Modeling GO Bag packed for a successful shoot?

    What is a modeling GO bag? A modeling GO bag is a small suitcase or duffel bag that you keep packed with the supplies that you should have available each and every time you attend a photo shoot. Being prepared is an essential habit if you hope to be successful as a model.  The best…

  • Modeling Resources

    Modeling Terms and Phrases

    Here is the most complete, most detailed glossary of modeling terms and phrases that you will find anywhere on the Internet. I have defined more than 150 modeling industry terms in detail and included links to additional reference material. Every industry has its own unique vocabulary, and modeling and acting are no different. If you…

  • Photo Shoot Tips

    5 reasons to hire a Makeup Artist for your Photo Shoot

    5 reasons to hire a Makeup Artist for your Photo Shoot if you are a model: If you are the model – your job is to MODEL! You should be focused on modeling – not trying to do your hair and makeup. No one can do their own makeup as well as a great makeup…

  • Photo Shoot Tips

    Do I need to tan for a photo shoot?

    NO! Absolutely not! Do NOT tan for a photo shoot. Tan lines do NOT look good in a photograph. If you look at the major fashion magazines or visit the top modeling agencies in the world, you will see that most of the models in the fashion world are somewhat pale or even very pale…

  • Photo Shoot Tips

    Should I hire a Makeup Artist for my Photo Shoot?

    Oh HECK Yeah – you should hire a makeup artist! When you are shooting images for your modeling portfolio, remember that these are potentially the most important photographs that you will ever create. You need to hire a makeup artist to help insure these images look amazing. These are the images that will hopefully get…

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