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  • Photography GearWHY I shot an assignment as JPEGS

    WHY I shot an assignment as JPEGS

    I was hired for a marketing assignment for Olympus to shoot on location with two young Instagrammers and the Olympus Pen E-PL9 Camera. And just to make it fun, I shot the entire assignment as jpegs – NO RAW. Read on and I will tell you why. The marketing team…

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  • Photography AdviceWhat is Dynamic Range and Why is everybody so worried about it?

    What is Dynamic Range?

    Over the last month or so I have been asked more and more questions about dynamic range, and I am seeing more and more articles and YouTube videos with headlines about this topic. Indeed, it is becoming the big buzz phrase in GEARtographer discussions all over the internet. I’m seeing…

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  • Photography Lighting TechniquesThe Inverse Square Law for Photographers

    The Inverse Square Law for Photographers

    The inverse square law is one of those phrases that strikes fear into the minds of new and even experienced photographers. Why? Because we are talking about physics, equations… You know…math! But don’t worry. I am going do my best to simplify this inverse-square law stuff for you. There are…

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