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    80% of Portrait Photography is Psychology – Techniques for Photographing People

    I have mentioned often that 80% of portrait photography is psychology and 20% of it is photography. I go into the psychology in a lot of other pieces, so I wanted to take a moment to address that 20%. 20% of portrait photography …. Understand that the 20% that is photography is the foundation that…

  • Lighting

    Learn How to SEE Light. Remember the Egg!

    When I started telling the egg story in my workshops many years ago, I got the sense that people were just humoring me as they sat there nodding their heads as if they understood the message. So I went ahead and recorded a video to show what I was talking about when I told the…

  • Tog Tips

    The BEST Way to Dramatically Improve your Photography Skills

    Hey gang! If you’re reading this, than you’re either really bored, think I write better than J. K. Rowling (which I assure you I do not), or you want to improve your skills as a photographer. If the last one is the case, BRAVO! You’ve come to the right place. Improving as a photographer is…

  • Tog Tips

    Don’t Be Afraid to SUCK!

    You heard me right… Don’t be afraid to SUCK! Yes, it’s okay to fail in order to become a better photographer. In fact, you need to fail if you want to improve your skills! Think about it- the lessons that tend to stand the test of time are generally the ones that come out of…

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