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    My Facebook group recently blew up in a heated debate: Why is watermaking an issue? Painters add their signature right into their painting as an assurance that people will be able to identify them as the artist but they do it in a way that you frequently need to hunt to find it. Photographers really don’t…

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    Success as a photographer – it’s in the details.  It pays to be finicky!

    Last week, published an article by a very talented Canadian shooter named Ryan Cooper. The article was titled “Why being pickier will make you a better photographer.” The article reminded me of a presentation that I’ve been doing variations of for almost ten years. It’s titled The Art of Seeing: Success in Photography is…

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    When should you start getting paid for your photography?

    When should you start getting paid for your photography?  I can actually answer that in four simple words….  When you are ready. But what does that mean?  When you are ready? Let’s face it – we have all met the photographer who has owned their prosumer DSLR camera for three months and because they get…

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    What does it mean to be a professional photographer?

    When can I call myself a professional photographer? What makes a photographer a professional? I have been asked these two questions a lot recently and I have learned that my answer tends to surprise people. So I think it’s time to sit down and have a little talk about what it means to be a…

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