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    Blinking in photographs

    Blinking in photographs. Stop blaming your subjects!

    You’re the one holding the camera. Nobody made you photograph the blink so you have to take the blame. Table of contentsFacts about BlinkingWhat causes the blinks in photographs?How to minimize the amount of blinkingThe other kind of blinking subjectSo remember… Blinking is a problem that every photographer deals with and while it frustrates many,…

  • Photo Shoot Tips

    Portrait Posing Tips to Hide a Double Chin

    Turkey Neck, meatbeard, neck spam, gwaddle, meat scarf, cowsaddle, chin dumpling, or chinsulation… whatever you want to call it, a double chin is not flattering, and it makes your subject appear much heavier than they really are. I’ve got some killer tips to help you thin the chin and instantly take weight off your subject.…

  • Tog Tips

    80% of Portrait Photography is Psychology – Techniques for Photographing People

    I have mentioned often that 80% of portrait photography is psychology and 20% of it is photography. I go into the psychology in a lot of other pieces, so I wanted to take a moment to address that 20%. 20% of portrait photography …. Understand that the 20% that is photography is the foundation that…

  • Tog Tips

    10 Tips to find your photographic style. Is it important to have a photography style?

    How do I find my photographic style?  This question has been coming up a lot lately.  Do you know what your style is?  More importantly, does it even matter?  Here, I list 10 steps you need to take to find YOUR photographic style. Watch the VIDEO… More and more, I am finding new and/or young…

  • Editorial

    What does it mean to be a professional photographer?

    When can I call myself a professional photographer? What makes a photographer a professional? I have been asked these two questions a lot recently and I have learned that my answer tends to surprise people. So I think it’s time to sit down and have a little talk about what it means to be a…

  • Tog Tips

    Photography Composition Rule – Ignore the Rule of Thirds

    If you want to learn about photography composition, fill the frame, fill the frame, fill the frame! Seriously, fill the frame. Hey, gang. Guess what this conversation is about? Yeah, photography composition and why you should fill the frame. I’m honestly kind of dumbfounded. As I’m lecturing and I’m spending time with meetup groups, it…

  • Tog Tips

    The Most Important Question For Photographers To Ask

    I wanted to take a moment to share with you an article that I saw on It’s about a topic that’s been discussed many, many times for year over. It’s about why asking what camera settings were used is not as helpful as you think. “Can you tell me what settings you used to take…

  • Tog Tips

    How to find the “good side” of a person’s face for a Portrait?

    My left side is my good side… no wait – it’s my right side… oh come on – with a face like this – there is no bad side :-) Keep reading and I will explain how to figure out the BEST side of the face – to make your portrait subject look their best!…

  • Tog Tips

    Photo Critique – STOP asking for Constructive Criticism and STOP being so quick to give bad feedback

    Stop it, stop it, stop it! Posting your pictures on Facebook, Flickr, 500px or ANY website with those two horrible words – CC Welcome – is NOT helping your photography. For years, I have watched photographers posting their works online with the caption “CC Welcome.” For those of you that may have missed it, CC…

  • Tog Tips

    Don’t Be Afraid to SUCK!

    You heard me right… Don’t be afraid to SUCK! Yes, it’s okay to fail in order to become a better photographer. In fact, you need to fail if you want to improve your skills! Think about it- the lessons that tend to stand the test of time are generally the ones that come out of…

  • Tog Tips

    Don’t be a ZOMBIE Photographer

    Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah, Habari gani…  well – you get the idea. It’s the holiday season and as we near the end of 2016 I wanted to take a few minutes and share with you MY Holiday wish lists for all of you. This year has been an incredible ride, meeting and talking to people…

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