• Photo Shoot Tips

    Photographing people with glasses – How to avoid glare in eyeglasses

    One of the most common questions I receive: what’s the best lighting to use for photographing people with glasses, so that you don’t have reflections or glare on eyeglasses? The answer is easy… and I can use any kind of lighting arrangement I want to. I just set my lights, do my test shots, and…

  • Lighting

    How to use a REFLECTOR the right way for better portraits

    Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Seriously – PLEASE STOP using reflectors to create crappy unflattering light. TV shows, movies, and unfortunately even YouTube photographers seem to think it’s really cool to do that low angle gold reflector that blinds your subject, makes ridiculously bright catchlights in the bottom of their eyes and puts shadows in…

  • Lighting

    One Light Beauty Lighting – Light Your Subject From Behind

    Beauty lighting behind the subject??? I know you are thinking the title is wrong. Even back in the film days the inside of the Kodak boxes had the Daylight Lighting Table that explained you should put the light behind the camera with the subject facing towards the light. If you have read many of my…

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