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    LED Lighting for Photographers – LED Lighting Series Wrap-Up

    I have been having a ton of fun shooting with these LED lights and even learned some cool stuff along the way. I wanted to close by sharing my thoughts on LED lighting for photography, and, of course, I’ll take you behind the scenes for another shoot using ALL of the LED lights that I…

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    LED Portrait Lighting with Savage Edge Lit Pro LED Lights

    How do you make an LED lighting panel that is much bigger than a strobe, yet super thin and has really even light across the front panel?… You light it from the edge. That’s want Savage Universal did with these awesome Savage Edge Lit Pro LED Lights, which I’ll be putting to the test in…

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    Spekular LED Photography Lights / What is CRI / Part 2 of the LED Continuous Lighting LED Series

    Spekular is a new modular LED lighting system that is being referred to as the Swiss army knife of lighting. For the second part of my continuous lighting series, I am going to put Spekular to the test and I am going to do my best to demystify those three letters that keep popping up…

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    LED Continuous Lights vs Strobes for Photography – which is the best lighting solution for you?

    LED this, LED that, hybrid lighting, cri, constant vs strobe….. are you getting a headache from all these headlines and videos and kickstarter campaigns about these revolutionary new lighting gadgets?  Is it causing you stress because you are going to have to spend a ton of money to keep up your status as GEARtographer? Relax……

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    10 Tips To Make Your Paper Seamless Backgrounds Last Longer

    Seamless paper backgrounds are a staple item for both amateur and professional photographers. They are versatile, reusable and affordable. Yet, I find it surprising how many photographers don’t take care of them and dispose of them much sooner than needed. Here are 10 tips for making your backgrounds last and two awesome DIY projects. One…

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