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    I am the newest member of the Tether Tools Pro Team! Shooting Tethered Photography

    I have some big news—I’ve been added to the Tether Tools Pro Team! Tether Tools is the company that from its beginnings in 2008 has created innovative solutions to help photographers enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and increase safety in their workflow. So what is the Tether Tools Pro Team? This is a group of photographers…

  • Photo Shoot TipsShooting tethered in the studio

    How to Shoot Tethered Tutorial

    Do you prefer to shoot tethered? Do you even know what it means to shoot tethered? How do you decide if you should shoot tethered? It wasn’t that long ago that shooting tethered was reserved for photographers who had big budgets, assistants and super high end gear. Now pretty much all pro cameras and even…

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    BEST software options for shooting tethered

    Are you ready to start shooting tethered? Are you looking for the best software to use? Tethering doesn’t have to be difficult. In this article, I will break down your options and look at why you might pick one over the other, and I’ll even explain how I create backups of my files as they…

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