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  • Photo Shoot TipsPhoto shoot with celebrity magician Matthew Furman

    Photo Shoot With Celebrity Magician Matthew Furman

    My tagline says I Shoot People and that’s exactly what keeps me motivated as a photographer. My camera is my ticket to meet and interact with people. People that I would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience. Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to photograph numerous magicians on…

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  • DIY Photography TipsDIY Justin Clamp

    DIY Justin Clamp

    What is a Justin Clamp? A Justin Clamp is an incredibly versatile clamp that retails from Manfrotto for $56.00. Below is a DIY Justin Clamp that I will show you how to make for $23.00. Why is it called a Justin Clamp and what do you use it for? It’s…

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  • Shoot BreakdownsA woman with vibrant and artistic makeup, creating fashion portraits that incorporate cellophane as a unique element - shoot breakdown

    Fashion Portraits With Cellophane

    I’m always on the lookout for things that I can drape around a model, or turn into an outfit, or place over a light source to change the color of the light, or even turn into a background. As a result, I make frequent trips to local fabric stores and…

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  • Photo Shoot TipsSelf Portrait Tutorial

    Self Portrait Tutorial

    How I shot my self portrait for social media and my photography website The task: I got a new pair of glasses and that means it was time to update my profile photo for my website and social media. When shooting a portrait, ask yourself: WHO is the subject? Me!…

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  • Photography Gear10 Tips To Make Your Paper Seamless Backgrounds Last Longer

    10 Tips To Make Seamless Paper Backgrounds Last Longer

    Seamless paper backgrounds are a staple item for both amateur and professional photographers. They are versatile, reusable and affordable. Yet, I find it surprising how many photographers don’t take care of them and dispose of them much sooner than needed. Here are 10 tips for making your backgrounds last and…

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  • DIY Photography TipsBeautiful Portrait Lighting Arrangements

    Portrait Lighting Arrangements With DIY LED Studio Lights

    Now that you have your own DIY LED studio lights- or you maybe you are planning to build a set-  you need to learn how to use it. I’ll walk you through a dozen different ways that I use these lights, plus I’ll give you some not-so-obvious tips that I…

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  • DIY Photography TipsDIY Home Photography Studio Setup

    DIY Home Photography Studio Setup

    If you are going to photograph people in a studio setting, well, you need to own or rent a photography studio, right? Wrong! You can build a home photography studio similar to what I have, in your own basement. Ten years ago, I decided it was time to give up…

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