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    PhotoPlus 2019 in NYC

    Create the WOW – Make your Portraits EPIC

    PhotoPlus Expo 2019 is in the books and once again I had the honor of presenting for Olympus at the three day tradeshow in New York City. My talk was titled Create the WOW – Make your Portraits EPIC and it featured portrait photography and studio lighting techniques done with small strobes and also light…

  • Gear

    I am the newest member of the Tether Tools Pro Team! Shooting Tethered Photography

    I have some big news—I’ve been added to the Tether Tools Pro Team! Tether Tools is the company that from its beginnings in 2008 has created innovative solutions to help photographers enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and increase safety in their workflow. So what is the Tether Tools Pro Team? This is a group of photographers…

  • Gear

    Smith Victor CooLED Lights

    In this article- Part 4 of my LED light series- I’m gonna show you some lights from the Smith Victor CooLED series. These include three LED studio lights that look more like studio strobes that you can attach modifiers to like you do with a strobe. I’ll also add a Smith Victor bi-color ring light…

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