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  • Tog Tips

    Work The Shot to Dramatically Improve Your Photography

    Before I go any further, let’s make sure that you know not to be that cliché guy with a camera telling your model “work it baby – that’s hot!” If you really want to improve your photography, work the shot. I’ll also share with you at the end what your subject or model really wants…

  • Lighting

    Learn How to SEE Light. Remember the Egg!

    When I started telling the egg story in my workshops many years ago, I got the sense that people were just humoring me as they sat there nodding their heads as if they understood the message. So I went ahead and recorded a video to show what I was talking about when I told the…

  • Tog Tips

    Why You Should Join a Camera Club or a Photography Meetup Group

    Are you in a camera club? How about a meetup group? Maybe a professional organization? Why not? Ever wonder what the big deal is about camera clubs and meetup groups? In short, they provide you with incredible opportunities to learn. At camera clubs and meetup groups, you’ll have lectures, workshops, and hands-on opportunities to try…

  • Tog Tips

    The BEST Way to Dramatically Improve your Photography Skills

    Hey gang! If you’re reading this, than you’re either really bored, think I write better than J. K. Rowling (which I assure you I do not), or you want to improve your skills as a photographer. If the last one is the case, BRAVO! You’ve come to the right place. Improving as a photographer is…

  • Tog Tips

    Don’t Be Afraid to SUCK!

    You heard me right… Don’t be afraid to SUCK! Yes, it’s okay to fail in order to become a better photographer. In fact, you need to fail if you want to improve your skills! Think about it- the lessons that tend to stand the test of time are generally the ones that come out of…

  • Tog Tips

    Don’t be a ZOMBIE Photographer

    Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah, Habari gani…  well – you get the idea. It’s the holiday season and as we near the end of 2016 I wanted to take a few minutes and share with you MY Holiday wish lists for all of you. This year has been an incredible ride, meeting and talking to people…

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