• DIY (Do It Yourself)Livestream Setup in my DIY Home Studio for Photography Videos

    Livestream Setup in my DIY Home Studio for Photography Videos

    A lot of folks have asked me for the details on the livestream setup and gear that I use to produce my photography videos for YouTube.  I’ve been doing YouTube videos weekly now for just about 4 years.  The home studio setup that I am using now is the result of lots of trial and…

  • Tutorials

    Body Painting – The Mermaid Model Project

    The Mermaid Model Project is a body painting and digital scenery shot that was conceived and executed by Philadelphia based makeup artist Morgan Chalfant. ( Body Painting Concept We made the decision early in our discussions that we didn’t want a Disney styled mermaid.  We wanted a look that was both mythical and grungy and…

  • Modeling Resources

    Video Modeling Portfolios – The Future Is Here NOW!

    That’s right – VIDEO modeling portfolios. Video is changing the game for models and photographers in this industry.  The train has left the station and it is coming down the tracks. Video modeling portfolios are the future and the future is NOW! I know the concept of CHANGE is scary for a lot of you…

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