TOGCHAT™ Podcast Ep 2: Outsourcing post production of your work – and more


Episode 2 of the TOGCHAT Photography Podcast with Joe Edelman.

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This week’s questions include:

– What is the best time to use natural window light coming from the East?  Also, where in the room is best to position the subject?

– I am an event and nightclub photographer looking to upgrade my camera soon. I currently use a Canon 600D and Sigma 24-70 EX DG 2.8.  Would you suggest I go for a full frame camera or a wider lens?

– When shooting outdoors, what do you look for or look to avoid when scouting locations?

– For portrait editing, do you prefer Lightroom or Capture One Pro and why?

– I fly a lot for work and would like to take a portable light stand with me. Is there a compact (i.e. short) light stand that you recommend that can fit in my carry on? Any other travel tips when flying?

– I currently own a Nikon d5200 planning to get a full sensor Nikon in the future, if I buy the Tokina 100mm would it work with my current camera?

– How do you feel about outsourcing post processing? I understand that it is someone’s interpretation of your work but for the sake of time saving

? No name/cheap softbox versus brand name softbox, what is the difference really? I mean in terms of light quality for example

-What resolution to do you recommend for uploading to a site like SmugMug, Zenfolio, etc., for selling prints? Should we upload our full resolution (5184×3456) or something smaller?

– A 70-200mm 2.8 lens set at 85mm – is it the same as a 85mm 2.8? So it it safe to say, there is no need to buy a designated 85mm?

– Do you think the Sony a850 is still worth for 500 USD?

– For shooting teen girl (16yrs) model, is there anything I need to do differently (beside the model release needing parental authorization)?

– What’s the best wide angle lens for my Sony a6300 to take cityscapes in New York City?

– I took a shot at 2.8 1/160, ISO 3200 with a Canon lens and I took the same setting with a Sigma and it gives me a reading at ISO 2500 for the exact same picture why?

– Can you give some advice for me to be a good assistant?

– I will be moving to a new house soon. I’ve decided to turn 2 of my rooms into a studio. I do weddings and baby shoots mostly. What are your recommendations for wall colors and setup?

– Can you describe your file naming system?

– I’m going for my first wedding shoot (Free), I’ve got only a D3200 with a prime 50mm f1.8, 55-300 f4.5-5.6, and a 18-105 Kit lens. Do you think I can shoot the wedding with it? Any advice?

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