TOGCHAT Ep 5: Why do most Photography Workshops SUCK?

Episode 5 of the TOGCHAT Photography Podcast with Joe Edelman.

This week’s photography questions include:

– It seems like everybody and their brother is teaching photography workshops today. I am just not sure how to figure out which workshops are worth my time and money.

– Is resizing to 1200px ok for Actors Access and ImDb? It seems they are still not as sharp as I want them to be.

– I love to shoot but I don’t like the business aspect – i.e. promote myself and talking price with clients. Any suggestions?

– Have you used ND filters? If so can you recommend a brand?

– Do you shoot with your glasses on? If not do you adjust the diopter on the camera or use diopter adapters?

– Any info, on the Color Right Passport checker. It’s one of those tools I like to use to get my colors right.

– What’s the coolest new gadget in the new B&H catalog?

– I just bought a flash, stand, and octabox. What are some things I can do, besides portraits, to wrap my head around using this stuff?

– I have a Canon 5d Mark III and the Canon 135mm f2 and the pictures still look soft and out of focus. What am i doing wrong?

– I shoot for a college Softball team. Parents & players would like me to sell them prints. Would I be breaking a copyright or do I have the right to sell?

– What are your thoughts about the new Microsoft surface laptop. I’m looking for something portable and light and powerful for editing!

– How is it that with street photography I am allowed to post images where people’s faces are visible? I mean without getting everyone’s permission?

– I see that you review websites, I am curious if you review Instagram feeds? if so how do I make a request to be reviewed?

– What focal length(s) can you recommend for portraits in a cramped studio (12’x19′)?

– In your opinion, are any of the big conferences such as WPPI worth attending for photographers who recently made the jump into photography as a business?

– I feel like my camera is going out of focus – back or front focusing where it didn’t before. How often should you or should you at all test your lens/body for proper focus?

– I do lot of Boudoir Photography but lately have been doing more Portraits. How can market both for my business?

– Can you talk about light modifiers. Specifically a deep octa vs just a large octa and parabolics and their effects on portraits. Like when you would choose one vs the other.

– Can you share your thoughts on watermarks on images posted on the web?

– What do you think of Perfectly Clear and Imagenomic software?

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