TOGCHAT EP10: What makes a photo amazing rather than just good?

Episode 10 of the TOGCHAT Photography Podcast with Joe Edelman.

Google’s Nik Collection is done and people are mad as hell about it! They have even started a petition at ( Get on over there and add your name!

We had some awesome images to review this week from Geoff Tudno – North Wales? / Heiko Kanzler – Andalucia, Spain / Francis Estanislao – Muntinlupa City, Phillipines? / Arnab Ghosal – London England / Mike Miller – Thurmont, Maryland

This week’s photography questions include:

– What’s the best way to shoot a bride in a white wedding dress outdoors against a white background so that the dress doesn’t blend into the background in this case a barn.

– Do yo have any tips for when you are on a portrait shoot where nothing is working? For example you are not getting the expressions you want but don’t want the subject to think he/she is doing something wrong.

– What makes a photo amazing rather than just good?

– I have a Nikon d7200 and I want to shoot events without using flash. Do you have any suggestions or presets with regards to the d7000 series

– White balance. What is the best way to handle it if you are shooting events and changing environments frequently.

– I am going to be working with a make-up artist for the first time. She’s new to doing make up for photography. We are going to discuss our ideas and approach over coffee. Even though I am on a budget, I plan on paying her for her time. How would be the best way to gauge her potential/ability if she doesn’t have a portfolio yet? What are a few things that are important to look for? (Her photos on social media look promising)

– Is there much difference in quality of cheap softboxes to top brands, or are you just paying for a name?

– Do you, or have you ever, done stock photography as a business? And what do you think of this business model in general?

– How can I prevent moisture if I am moving my camera from a cold room to the hot and humid outdoors.

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