TOGCHAT EP4: How do I find my photography style?

Episode 4 of the TOGCHAT Photography Podcast with Joe Edelman.

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This week’s questions include:


– Could you address the issue of excessive skin softening?

– While using a speedlight I am finding it more and more of a problem not having the modeling light. Can you suggest any “hacks” or tips?

– What is your Favorite modifier for the DigiBees?

– I have photos on stock sites, but want to start selling them as prints directly from a personal site. Have I screwed myself by already having them up on stock sites?

– When are you doing the rain gutter strobes?

– I just setup an in-house studio. I am planing to shoot a friend’s daughter for senior pics. Freebee to them, practice/portfolio for me. Can you recommend lighting setups that I should practice/shoot with?

– Do you ever let your models or clients see the original photographs (before being retouched)?

– Do you let the client select the photos from a shoot or do you make the selections?

– Have you ever thought of putting a photography book together?

– Can you please discuss a bit about how to find your personal style.

– I’m a new photographer. I just purchased a Canon 80D 18-135mm lens. Do I need a speedlight for great pictures?

– Do you ever use speedlight modifier when shooting outdoors?

– I just heard that a model was going to pay 2k to be represented (scouted at the mall). Scam or standard?

– I just got hired to shoot weddings for another company (sub-contracting). I get to keep the images for my portfolio, but does it hurt my brand to shoot for someone else?

– Do you use gels for shooting in location or outdoor?

– I’m looking to build up my portfolio but don’t know where to go to get models/people for it. Would you have any recommendations?

– What is price for the DigiBees you bought?

– Do you prefer the silver or white beauty dishes?

– What’s your opinion on the Godox range of strobes?

– Do you have a video on using a strobe/softbox combo as the background for a Hi-Key style image?

– How long do your sessions last?

– How much time do you spend editing a photograph?

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